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"This is simply amazing!" I exclaimed, the first time I learnt about the operations of the blockchain technology few years back. I became so fascinated by the immutability of the blockchain technology which makes ledger store on it permanently without alterations and cannot be completely erased.

Decentralization and transparency of the blockchain operation are other features that got my attention, as data stored on the blockchain are transparent and available for all to see, which I believe to be an antidote to corruption in the society, most especially in the finance sectors.
Transparency of the blockchain could be applied in governance and operations of public companies.

Blockchain enables minting of Cryptocurrency which has become the future of currencies and a preferred means of exchange of goods and services in different parts of the world and gaining more tractions by the day. As a matter of fact, blockchain technology is the wonder of the century!

Nevertheless, as wonderful as blockchain is, it has its attendant challenges especially to regular people who are not tech-savvy. Operating with the blockchain could be harculean task. It could be very confusing to new users and this has served as point of discouragement to many people from taking advantage of numerous benefits provided by the blockchain.

Blockchain applications could be very complex and complicated in operating. It was as if the technology is meant for only the technically inclined people; an assumption that is very far from the truth.

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Another thing that confuses many people is the understanding of the underlying operation of different blockchain technology, especially in terms of Cryptocurrency assets. For instance, the transaction and storage of Bitcoin is different from Ethereum and that of Ripples is different from Tron Blockchain. People have lost valuable money trying to send a crypto asset to wrong address.

Besides, lost of private keys and Mnemonic phrases are common issues among people who are new to blockchain and even people who have been using it for years. There are pockets of cases around the globe, situations whereby thousands of dollars worth of crypto assets are stored in the wallet but owners can't find their private keys.

Transaction fees charged by different blockchain platform was a challenge to me when I joined the crypto world. There were times that I had crypto asset to transact but there was no gas fees to carry out the transaction, it could be frustrating especially when the asset you want to transact is volatile at that particular time, you would wish there was alternative.

With all the challenges been mentioned, I know the majority of blockchain users can relate with some of those experiences. The good news is that there is a platform that has already proffered solution to the afore-mentioned challenges with ease of users in mind, especially those who are new to the operations of blockchain technology.



You can experience easy entrance to blockchain world through Blocto by the virtue of user-friendly experiences and guidance provided by Blocto.
Blocto is specially designed to tackle all the attendant challenges confronting users which are posed by the complexity of the blockchain.

With Blocto, any user can begin to use blockchain applications without a prior knowledge of the operations of blockchain technology. Just like that!

Another amazing benefit of Blocto is that users can buy different types of crypto assets on a single platform without having to understand the technicalities of operation of various crypto assets. This is more than good to any user who will not have to go through the experience of sourcing for crypto assets on different platforms and having to go through risks of losing funds on those platforms but just utilizing a unified interface provided by Blocto. I give kudos to the brains behind Blocto.


Moreover, users don't have to worry about the challenge of gas fees (transaction charges) in getting various Cryptocurrency as Blocto has made provision for the transaction fees on all blockchains through Blocto points which is used to pay for these fees

Users can easily get the Blocto points as some free points are given by Blocto upon sign up. Moreover, users can get points by referring other users or by completing missions in the app which entails learning more about the blockchain and some projects built on it and answering some questions afterwards. More points can also be gotten by users making some in-app purchases.

Another outstanding feature of Blocto is the usage of single Identity on all blockchains. Users can interact with various blockchain applications and explore to any extent with just single blockchain Identity system. This is so unique and serve a great ease to users who will not have to register and get various Identities on different blockchain platforms.


With Blocto, users won't have to write down private keys and Mnemonic phrases. Creating a blockchain identity only takes few simple steps. There is provision for a secure and reliable way to safe-keep user's credentials.

Blocto uses same safety mechanism used in banks to store and secure user's assets. Therefore users need to be rest assured as the security of Blocto at its peak. Meanwhile, users can choose to manage their account by themselves by gaining full coverage control of their account.

Finally, there is a utility and governance token for Blocto ecosystem which is known as Blocto token with (BLT) as ticker.
This token serves as the interconnective link and the foundation of the ecosystem running between the wallet, Blocto made products, and users.

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