prediksi world cup


(W) Russia vs Saudi Arabia (L)
(T ) Egypt vs Uruguay (T)
(W) Morocco vs Iran (L)
(T) Portugal vs Spain (T)
(W) France vs Australia (L)
(W) Argentina vs Iceland (L)
(T) Peru vs Denmark (T)
(W) Croatia vsNigeria (L)
(L) Costa Rica vs Serbia ( W)
(W) Germany vs Mexico (L)
(W) Brazil vs Switzerland (L)
(W) Sweden vs South Korea (L)
(W) Belgium vs Panama (L)
(L) Tunisia vs England (w)
(W) Poland vs Senegal (L)
(W) Colombia vs Japan (L)
(L) Russia vs Egypt (W)
(W) Portugal vs Morocco (L)
(W) Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (L)
(L)Iran vs Spain (W)
(W) France vs Peru (L)
(W) Denmark vs Australia (L)
(T) Argentina vs Croatia (T)
(W) Brazil vs Costa Rica (L)
(L) Nigeria vs Iceland (w)
(L) Serbia vs Switzerlands (W)
(W) Belgium vs Tunisia (L)
(W) Germany vs Sweden (L)
(L) South Korea vs Mexico (w)
(W) England vs Panama(L)
(L) Japan vs Senegal (W)
(L) Poland vs Colombia (W)
(W) Uruguay vs Russia(L)
(L) Saudi Arabia vs Egypt (W)
(W) Spain vs Morocco (L)
(L) Iran vs Portugal (W)
(L) Denmark vs France ( W)
(L) Australia vs Peru (W)
(L) Nigeria vs Argentina (W)
(L) Iceland vs Croatia(W)
(L) South Korea vs Germany (W)
(W) Mexico vs Sweden (L)
(L) Serbia vs Brazil (W)
(L)Switzerland vs Costa Rica (w)
(L) Japan vs Poland (W)
(L) Senegal vs Colombia ( W)
(T) England vs Belgium (T)
(L) Panama vs Tunisia (W)

These are my picks for the group stage of the @blocktrades World Cup

This is the official announcement for this contest :
This is a @blocktrades sponsored contest
This is an @acidyo & @anomadsoul organized contest

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