Quarter Finals Analysis - Brazil vs Belgium



This was perhaps the most emotional and thrilling game in the whole quarter finals round... it was also the one that showed the best football level from both teams. Belgium was lethal and their defense knew perfectly how to cover Neymar to render him useless and unable to unbalance the Belgian defense.

Belgium´s first score came in a very shameful and disappointing way, with an own goal from Fernandinho where 3 Brazilian players jumped at the same time and after a rebound, the ball went inside Brazil´s goal.

Every minute that passed, the Brazilian defense started to show more and more lost in the field, almost as if they had forgotten how to do a proper formation and to act as a single mind. It was on a counterstrike that the second score came: Out of the 3 defensive players behind the ball, nobody face Kevin deBruyne as he was preparing to shot, they gave him the space he needed and he came up with a perfect goal that cornered the Brazilian team and obligated them to go all or nothing.

The second half was played at the same pace: The Belgians waiting for the Brazilians to attack while getting ready for the perfect chance to counterstrike and put an end to the game and from their side, the Brazilians showed for the first time in the tournament, the kind of football they have everyone used to watch, with a bold and reckless style full of craftiness and a glimpse of the Joga Bonito, trying to find a way to penetrate the Belgian defense.

Brazil got tired of knocking on Belgium´s door but that day was simply not their night. They missed a lot of plays by just inches and with 27 shots (9 on door), ther is not a single doubt that Brazil died in the field trying to tie the game. Spirit was not something the South American lacked.

A score from Renato Augusto at minute 76 allowed the Brazilian fans and players to dream a bit, who kept pressing and attacking the European goal, trying to score another goal that would prolongue the game for another 30 minutes, but the Brazilians seemed way too anxious and perhaps out of control and couldn´t find the cold mind needed to finish the plays.

It was a worthy goodbye from Brazil, who never recovered from those first minutes where the defense came out without focus and concentration.

Belgium will face France in the semifinals and the chance to make the dream of winning the cup is becoming more and more real every game that passes.


Quizás el partido con mas emociones y buen fútbol de estos cuartos de final, Bélgica fue contundente y su defensa supo marcar a Neymar que no tuvo la libertad de lograr desequilibrio en el ataque brasileño, con un gol en propia puerta de manera vergonzosa en un tiro de esquina, 3 jugadores de Brasil saltaron al mismo tiempo para que con el hombro Fernandinho le diera la ventaja a los belgas.

Minutos mas tarde la defensa de Brasil se veía cada vez mas mal parada y en una jugada de contragolpe de los belgas donde ninguno de los 3 defensas que seguían la jugada salio a presionar a Kevin De Bruyne y le dieron el tiempo perfecto para que sacara un tiro perfecto esquinado a la parte izquierda de la portería, un gran gol que le ponía muy complicada la situación a los brasileños.

El segundo tiempo se jugo igual, los belgas esperando un contragolpe adecuado y los brasileños que por primera vez en el torneo mostraron jugadas atrevidas con esa picardia que caracteriza al fútbol brasileño, intentaban conseguir algún gol que los acercara en el marcador, Brasil se canso de llegar a la portería belga pero esta simplemente no seria su noche, jugadas en las que por centímetros llegaban tarde al remate y con 27 tiros, 9 de ellos a puerta, no puede quedar duda de que Brasil se murió en la cancha por empatar el partido.

Un gol de Renato Augusto al minuto 76 ponía a soñar a los aficionados Brasileños, que siguieron presionando en busca del gol del empate que llevaría al partido a la prorroga, sin embargo a los jugadores de Brasil se les veía muy precipitados en busca del gol y no encontraron la serenidad para terminar las jugadas con mas peligro. Un digno adiós de Brasil, que nunca se recupero de esos primeros minutos del partido en donde la defensa salio des concentrada.

Bélgica enfrentara a Francia en semifinales y ve cada vez mas real la posibilidad de cumplir el sueño mundialista de salir campeones.




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Truly emotional.. Broke my heart, but Belgium were fully deserving and got their tactics spot on

bro, i am a big fan of team brazil , it was emotional moment for me also.However i am sure they will come better next time, belgium played good football

Demasiado emocionante amigo, a pesar de los errores cometidos pór los jugadores

@worldcup-russia it was too hard to lose for brazil . now let's enjoy final match on sunday

Belgium really disappointing

So nice article. I never see football match but your article brings my interest towards football match.

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