FINAL STAGE - Submit your entry and win 2,000 SBD

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The Semi Finals stage finished a few minutes ago and we already know the matches for the Final and third place matches

As you already know, @blocktrades loves to sponsor this type of community engaging projects and @anomadsoul & @acidyo know a lot of Steemians love this game, so we decided to organize this enormous Football World Cup event.

With only two games ahead of us, some people are already way too far for others to get close and there´s only a few people who can actually win the cup and get a share of the prize pool.

To keep participating, your name MUST BE ON THIS LIST and you have to make a post picking each winner for the last 2 games, the final and the third place matches. You have to include the score you think will happen on these 2 games in Regular time (only the first 90 minutes):

France vs Croatia

Belgium vs England


Score | Team | vs | Team | Score
- | France | vs | Croatia | -
- | Belgium | vs | England | -

Copy the table above and paste it in your or post editor and the table will show like this:



1 - The title of your post must be: The @blocktrades World Cup | My selections for the Finals

2 -In your post, you have to include a link to this announcement.

3 - Use the format included on this post to make your predictions so we can organize each entry.

4 - Use the tags "blocktradesworldcup" and the tag "mypicks"

5 - Resteem this post. We need everyone to see this post so no one stays behind.

6 - You can't edit your post after the first match of this stage start.

7 - Minimum Reputation to participate is 40. This is to avoid bots from joining and we will be checking that the winners ARE ACTIVE AND REAL STEEMIANS.

8 - You can submit your entry until July 14th 2018 at 16:59 pm, UTC+3 Time zone. If you don´t know that time zone, check it here

9 - Only people whose name is on this list can participate.


You have to include the score for these predictions. For each correct score you will get three (3) points. If you only get right who won but you didn´t get the correct score, you will be awarded one (1) point.

Good luck everyone and let the predictions begin!

You can submit your entry until July 14th 2018 at 16:59 pm, UTC+3 Time zone.

This is a @blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what he is doing, vote for @blocktrades as witness here

This is an @acidyo & @anomadsoul organized contest, if you like what we are doing, vote for @ocd-witness as witness here


Ay'ay Let's get this done!!

I should read this before lol , Good luuuck everyoneee!!

i made 37 points including semifinals, i just wonder why you guys exclude semifinals results in your previous post you not mentioned anywhere that participants can compete up to the quarter finals.

It's because we don't have the results of the semi finals yet.

Hello @anomadsoul
I think there is something strange with this decision, why the calculation of the value for the candidate in the final round only until the quarter-finals?
It should, like other events to reach the final round, then the final determination is until the semi-finals with a higher minimum value of course, so the opportunity will open more widely and will satisfy many parties, because it will feel more fair, without intervention from anyone .
This is just a suggestion from me, because whatever is in accordance with your decision as co-executing @acidyo and @blocktrades as the sponsor.

People with less than 36 points even if they get correctly everything won't win, that's why.

Thank you, I understand, but for what is also the result of semifinals phase contest?

By the way, please check back on mypick for phase group, it looks like I got 26 but it's listed in 25, sorry and thank you

Please I just notice my comment was not submitted due to network issues.. Please Kindly check my entry and the day I made the post

my selection for the final stage and third place position

Congrats to all the participants and a very big thanks to @blocktrades @acidyo @anomadsoul for making this world cup fun for all. Steemians

I am so damn happy England didnt win that game. The hype would have been unbearable

Croacia se merece ganar este mundial, el fútbol le debe esa copa a Modric, aunque el fútbol también le debe una copa a Griezmann

@worldcup-russia france will win the final and score france = 2 crotia = 1

Good luck for the finalists! It appears my random guessing wasn't as successful as I had hoped!

We are now waiting for finals of FIFA World Cup , but bro I would learn about these contests , as of now I am new so for now I will pass

This contest still on for new comers?

Good luck to everyone!
I hope for two exciting and peaceful games!
May the best team win this championship!

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it is time to go.

Hello @acidyo and @anomadsoul I have 36 points, please check my account @zulfikaraw
Thank you

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@worldcup this world cup is very intersting.good luck for everyone.

Lets guess again 😁😁

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