The @blocktrades World Cup | My selections for the Semi finals

in blocktradesworldcup •  9 months ago

Well well well , the semi-finals is here already!!! Now who thought England would go this far with a relatively young inexperienced squad that haven't played together before. Is it sheer luck or determination? Well against Croatia we'll find out.

France on the other side have taken my heart. Belgium undoubtedly are star studded, maybe they'd gone out in the round of 16 but a win over Brazil showed they meant business.

Sofar so good this cup has been full of surprises and of course @blocktrades comes with gifts from the world cup. It's simple.... predict and win.


So my love for France and England got a better side of me in this round but hey I can't miss two right??


You could still take part by checking out the link below.

Thanks to @blocktrades.

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We have the same score in mind for Croatia - England. Fingers-crossed!


I hope we win