CUP OF THE WORLD 2018, Thank you .....

We recall ….

Twenty years ago, we vibrated with these heroes who for the first time took us to the roof of the world.
The French team obtained the supreme title of world football champion


After the failures of 82 and 86 in the semifinals, the French team ended with these ghosts of the past to finally write his story.
France 98 was a team of mercenaries, we had for some years our best players who were successful in the various European championships, but never before we had had so much at this level.
Bringing a Zidane to the top of his game, this team demonstrates a strength of character, team spirit and exceptional camaraderie.
In 2000 we were European champions and thought we were untouchable.
Then came a period with disappointments 2002/2004, had we lost our grinta?
In 2006, France deserved to win the world again, but Italy with its locked and provocative game was right blue; Zidane marked the end of an era with his gesture.
I will not talk about 2010 which was the worst of what could be.

The reconquest :

Euro 2012 was mixed, but despite everything France bowed against the best team of the moment, Spain.
Didier Deschamps began his coaching mandate with a new generation that emerged.

The 2014 world cup lost to the future world champion team lets glimpse of good things, a group is created.

Euro 2016 really gave us an idea of ​​this generation, its future talent.
Yes we would have won the title as in 2006, but the gods of football decided otherwise.

A second star:

The EDF demonstrated by a solid and seductive game that she could be a serious contender for the world title. Despite this, many people and journalists doubted this group, as in 98.
Pogba and Griezmann were the owners of the locker room and on the ground, but they did not let this leadership. Did we have a new Zizou, Blanc, Dessailly or Deschamps?
These players who at the time each had their own manners given the necessary momentum in the hardest moments.

The beginning of the world was worrying, the game of the EDF was not the same, more defensive, less alive.
Match after match a solid group was created, the game was still not spectacular, but effective.
Each player was at the service of a collective, the sacrifices of some have not always been understood by fans or journalists, it's a shame ....
We had the defects of youth, but despite all the group worked together, erasing the negative and weak points of this team.

Individually some players surprised us, revealing themselves to the public.
I would like to underline the sacrifices of player like Griezmann and Giroud, who did not play their usual games, but who were so precious in midfield.
Mbappé is a phenomenon, but is not yet mature, which is normal.
His offensive game is explosive and impressive, the defensive work is less. In this game pattern a lane player has to defend, but fortunately DD has bridged these faults tactically, to let this rough diamond express itself freely ...

What to say of the two backs of side, that surprise of DD to put two players little known French and yet so important in this world.
Varane was the Laurent Blanc of 98, he showed all his talent and his defensive solidity.
Our goalkeeper, despite his small mistake, saved us several times and was one of the pillars of the team.
I think that the two years will bring a EDF to maturity for the EURO 2020, we will certainly have new names, but especially a big frame.
I give you an appointment for EURO 2020 for a new title.

Go the blues

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