My Entry For The Blocktrades + Open Mic SteemFest Ticket Giveaway

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My name is Nathaniel Narvaez ( @nnnarvaez) and... (I am a Steem-Holic, erm... no... and this is...)

This is my entry to the Blocktades and Open Mic steemfest giveaway

  • I am a 40 some automation engineer who used to work for the oil industry doing competency assessment and training.
  • I also have a degree on political sciences with the knowledge about maco micro economics and monetary systems.
  • I love coding in python useful bots to remove the repetitive tasks from humans so they can interact.
  • I live in exile in France from a communist regime and i'm currently in Asturias Spain visiting my family roots.
  • Have a messiah complex and share Batman's vision (Just dont have his superpower but I have a Batmobile) So I’m called by the community and my 3 year's old: The BOTman.

This usually gets me into trouble, but i do enjoy and learn a lot every day i spend community building and working 24/7 for the steem blockchain.

I joined almost exactly one year ago when a friend who is an idea volcano told me the next big shit would be crypto-currency and social networks, so i googled those keywords and found steemit.

I joined that same day after looking at what people where doing on it and reading the blue and white papers which seduced me almost inmediatly.

A week or so afterwards I invested all I could and coarse my wife to do as much. Between us we bought about 10 thousand steem at about 1.23 $ and started looking for projects in Spanish to support, so I started scourging and interacting in the smaller ones to choose which one to support, I did interact both with the english speaking community and the spanish one and had the idea to start a live curation where spanish author could present themselves and their blogs, inspired by what others were doing in english and with the help of another hispanic dolphin (@betamusic) and the SP of the project she was supporting at the time, we started a live present yourself thing from the discord I used to test my bots and then @reveur was born.

Reveur in French means DREAMER

I didn't want it to be another pennyless curation proyect and my thing is training and assestment so I decided to start crypto training sessions but to my dismay users where struggling with basic things like changing SBD to steem in the internal market, turns out hispanic users were mostly joining because of the promise of using steem like facebook and getting paid for it.

By then a small team of dreamers was joining, now we do a daily session about photography, grammar, we teach English, discuss about literature and good authors and teach about steemit and block-chain tech.

Now we run a witness node, hosted in a professional data-center in france @castellano currently forgotten in position 120.

We have a proper curation project were we receive links from plankton users in our curation reports and also train a team of cleaners identifying plagiarism and spammers ( @bebeth) with the support of a follow vote of 51k SP, and using a python BOT that queues the votes to optimize and maximize the available VP.

We run a novelty account acting as a flagger/cleaner by a group of cleaners hiding behind @dcabellor. We have developed a parasite ledger piggy backing the steem-block-chain and using a discord pocket change wallet trough the user @banca.

We do support and encourage reinvestment in the platform by hispanic users using a BOT called @delega which is fueled by some of our SP and others delegating that support authors who grow their SP and delegate in small ammounts to it.

All this is the fruits of the effort of endless lonely coding nights and lobbying here and there as well as a bunch of users that have trusted my vision of the potential of the steem block-chain. We run all these projects funded with what I could afford to invest and the odd support from others who also share our vision.

Steemit for me is a game changer, a perfect gateway to the crypto world to the base user who needs to be guided and steered in the right direction to achieve the full potential of this blockchain.

Hopefully I will have the opportunity to meet many more dreamers and expand in detail what I perceive as the endless potential of steemit.

If you want to have a chance of winning a ticket to steemfest read this post:

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I voted your content because you are on my whitelist.

Join our army of good authors, delegate to me to apply: 2000 SP JEDI | 1500 SP **SITH Lord | 1000 SP Skywalker | Less Stormtrooper

Witness: @castellano

Seeing you there in Krakow will be a great success that the entire Spanish-speaking community will celebrate. Having a representative who knows so well the problems and potentialities that the Hispanic community has, gives us the opportunity to take our great ideas to whales interested in growing what deserves to grow. I really wish you could go to Krakow man.

Many successes in the contest! @nnnarvaez.

Good luck, BOTman!

Leer esto es tener la certeza de que tenemos un representante que sabe y conoce desde dentro las fortalezas y debilidades de la comunidad y de la cadena. Además de esto podrías llevar tus ideas respaldadas por el conocimiento y experiencia que siempre demostras.
Ojalá puedas lograr que esa visión que tienes y que se ha materaterializado en el resultado de tus proyectos pueda ser escuchada y respaldada, porque de alguna forma es también nuestra voz.
Te deseo toda la suerte, @nnnarvaez.


Falta ganar :)

A ver si hay suertecilla

Thanks for making this video and entering. Good luck!

cervantes is the largest Spanish community on the platform. Check them out. I have family in Spain and France.

Sounds like you are finding your way around the platform. Keep the dream alive.


Thanks to you for making this contest that gives me a slight opportunity to actually attend a steemfest, last year i had the means but my baby was born those days and of course i did not attend.

Thanks for the hint about the other spanish community i think there is space for us and them and many more in steem town

Good Luck... i have my friends from.Astirias visiting. I live in Navarre, Spain, not very far
Luck !


Asturias is wonderful!
i feel very lucky to be able to spend the whole summer here


I have some friends there but they've been the one visiting this weekend they always tempt me with the most beautiful pictures though Navarre is really entrancing (mossy forests and old stones)