"My 2019: Achievements and Failures - A big change in my life"

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There are years in which time passes slowly, in which events respond to routines established for years. But my 2019 was very intense and changing. By the way, at this moment, at the end of the year, I don´t  know if something new could come to my life. 

At the beginnig of 2019, I did not expect changes in my life, but some important events such as the graduation of my youngest son.  He surprised us by getting married before graduation. 

Good news, but my children would be far away and for Venezuelan mothers, this is painful because the children leave to run away from the lack of opportunities in the country and when they don't have support, their future is uncertain. For parents it is also uncertain, because there is no efficient social security and both food and medicines are difficult to obtain.

My husband and I took a month on vacation, we visited our children. I met new customs, new foods, another language, new people. A good new situation.

I needed to say goodbye to many things, my house, my friends, my personal belongings, my computer, the routines I was used to and my husband, who had to return to Venezuela to work.

Five months ago I left Venezuela behind, I knew beautiful people with whom I share. I see my children happy, working very hard, building their future. I have a computer and I returned to Steemit.

My selfie

In addition to my children, other people support me, my health has improved a lot and I am starting to work again as a coach (NLP). I wait a productive future. I have planned YouTube workshops, in NLP too.

Internet is wonderful because it allows distance work. And I'm so happy sharing in Steemit.

Steemit has been and is for me a great company, a great incentive and an expectation for the future.

I have traveled a lot, I will do it again for a meeting with family and friends by the end of the year. My health is much better and my family has grown in number, independence and human quality.

I'm happy.

Thanks 2019.


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Has tenido un año de cambios radicales amiga. Mucha suerte para el año venidero.

¡Hola!,amiga @antoniarhuiz. Gracias por venir.
Gracias también por tus buenos deseos.
Ha sido un año con mucho movimiento y agradezco a Dios que
puso en mi camino la PNL y Steemit. Y el maravilloso equipo Club12.
Un abrazo en la distancia

Bellísima amiga. Donde estés tu dulzura será ese sello personal que como venezolana y mujer irradias. Gracias por tu amistad este 2019 🌟 espero acompañarte en el 2020 con cada mensaje y el mismo cariño.
Éxitos lindos en tu entrada.
Saludos cariñosos.

El 2020 tiene que ser mejor, apreciada @slwzl, porque tenemos un año más de aprendizaje en nuestras vidas y mayor cantidad de recursos para ser felices.
Muchas gracias por tus buenos deseos y tu amistad. También deseo para ti lo mejor en la Vida y en steemit como parte de ella.
Un abrazo en la distancia.

Greetings @mllg! I am happy with the energy that has been deployed for you in 2019. With God's favor, 2020 will be a year of much life and joy. Be happy and take advantage of your family moments.

Thanks a lot @zeleiracordero for coming and commenting.
I hope 2020 will be a good year for my project of life and for your dreamings too.
Have a nice end of 2019 and a very nice 2020.
A hug!