Can I go to steemfest successfully?

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This question remain in my mind day by day and I know the time frame to get ready for the fund of flight ticket and ticket for steemfest 4 are getting lesser and lesser. Actually I am in the midst of decide to giving up. But another side of my mind I am not willing to giving up because I already missed out two steemfest since I join steemit.

Looking back my journey in steemit, it is really a humble beginning from traditional way of earning by purely writing until now you can earn by generating your own coin and earn more. This is absoultely the revolution in steem blockchain in two years time. It is really amazing.

I do really thanks to @bitrocker2020 that always in the frontline to introduce steemit to people around him. If not because him ,I am not ever touch about crypto because there a lot scam out there is using crypto as a market. But after I know what is steemit, I truly fall in love with the system.

But in between this time, I am actually almost giving up because of the slow payout that I received and sometimes zero pay. And one day in end of 2017, I been knocked out by a news which is i missed out, the price of steem is shoot up to 20 dollars per unit. It is really heartbreak because I am cashing out way too early. Since then I am really going to full force.

Thats why when 2nd steemfest is happened, I still no clue what is that and I am still exploring what is steemit.

Then @bitrocker2020 continue to unite malaysian steemians by founded #teammalaysia. Since then we are knowing a lot of steemians from whole malays8a especially Sabah steemians.

Another big guy that in frontline with @bitrocker2020 to promote steemit is non other than @danieldoughty. If because not him, we sabahan steemians will not unite as now. Day by day and time to time, we are slowly forming #steemxp as another team to support south east asia steemians and unite steemians from south east asia.

We are also succeed in organising one event for blockchain to educate local audience about the real knowledge of blockchain to avoid everyone been scam by others. This is indeed the most meaningful things that we done in borneo.

For chinese or mandarin community @davidke20 play a big role in malaysia and unite all mandarin steemians and now we are slowly let the #cn-malaysia tag going strong and maybe profitable tag in future too.

On steemfest 3, I am not able to go because my work leave is not approved and I am totally no funding to be there. It is really a big struggle to be living in my hometown and absolutely no extra money to be at Poland.

Now steemfest 4 is coming and it is at the nearest country which is Bangkok. But now the same problem happened, my funding still not enough as my living cost are getting higher. So now I am planning to use all my steem to travel but the price now are getting lower so maybe this is not a good option.

Now the question still remain ,go or not go?

Hopefully my steem funding will enough soon in the shortest time. Cheers

Thanks again to big whale or big brother in steemit which is @blocktrades for this wonderful contest. Cheers

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Fingers crossed... We will find ways to make it happen! 💪💪💪

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Yeah.. finger crossed

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@bboyady, join all the contest related to steemfest 4. Really hope you can join SteemFest 4.

Thanks @joannewong.. yea.. sure will join all

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Ticket to the moon is already there! Let's grab it and pull a piece for exchange with ticket to steemfest!

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Don't say it out so loud here la wei 😂

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