Blocktrades.US exchange from Bitshares to STEEM, having an issue.

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I've used website for exchange of digital currency, normally from SBD/STEEM to ETH. Today, I needed to exchange my BTS to STEEM but having an issue.

When I clicked on "Get a new Deposit Address", I've got this address 0xc30fbbc5e7575d2638e812d36390021d0c71efcd. I'm assuming a 'blocktrades' or similar for bitshares address.

I tried to use it anyway. Go to my bitshares wallet website so I can send BTS token for STEEM. I put the 0xc30fbbc5e7575d2638e812d36390021d0c71efcd address to my recipient, it says "unknown account". See the captured screen below.

I cancel my transaction for now.

I guess, the "Get a new Deposit Address" for bitshares at is a website bug.

I submitted a Support Request for @blocktrades to check this issue. I hope they can resolve this issue very soon. I need 10 STEEM on my account so I can create a two steem accounts for a new project.

UPDATE. I tried using a different browser (EDGE), that's fixed it. It could be a browser cache in my google chrome.

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Hey my friend I've had the same issue. I traded Steem (or SBD) for BTS and now There's no way to withdraw those BTS, about $10 worth, or 68 BTS.
I tried everything...I even got lots of good feedback from BlockTrades and Bitshares. I thought my BlockTrades wallet where I carried out the transaction was my BTS address but apparently not. I created other BTS wallets. It still can't retrieve BTS from BlockTrades.
They did confirm my trade and showed me the blockchain data, but where is it????
Only $10, so I gave up. If BTS skyrockets, I'll try again!

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