Blocktrades vs poloniex

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Hey guys,

For Buying/ exchanging cryptos online , among the biggest and best exchanges are & poloniex.


Some pros of Blocktrades:
No registration/account required
Very fast transaction speed usually
Good interface design
Around 19 different cryptosto trade includes
BTC,LTC,ETH,Bitshares, Steem, SBD and more.
Mobile optimized.

Some pros of poloniex:
Ease of use and quality interface
Good reputation and company active for 3+years
60+ different cryptos to trade
Mobile optimized.

I have experienced good service from both in the past.

I suppose it comes down to personal preference and requirements.

What do you guys think?

Both good exchanges overall I'd say!



This is my experience, but it always seems blocktrades, while much easier to perform trades between currencies, is more expensive, especially for small trades

i like your post my friend

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