The voice of those without a voice is almost never heard.

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Open letter.

@blocktrades I hope you can read my humble thinking. I know it will be difficult but well it will still be registered ..

The voice of those without a voice is almost never heard.

I am from Venezuela a country that is submerged in the economic misery of a beastly communism, something that I know first hand, is knowing how to fight for what I want, I have learned from struggles to survive in these 20 years of communism that currently exists in my country.

I am a small fish in this immense ocean of opportunities that this platform offers, all who are like me, who do not have the economic power to intervene, we must see the problems from a distance, without intervening, but thanks to the opportunity that our platform gives, I write what I think

Everything that is happening.

What happens here inside my Steemit, with that hostile take, many like me only generate collective anguish, of what may happen to us, with everything that has been achieved little by little. I have been actively involved in steemit for two years, I have made myself known, my support is for all who I can help, it is total and unconditional, because I believe in what I do and I believe in my platform.

Where I want to go.

As I mentioned, I am Venezuelan and I still live in Venezuela and I want to assume that my economic salvation is and has been Steem and Sbd.

With STEEM AND SBD, I have managed to buy food.
With STEEM AND SBD, I have managed to buy medicine.
With STEEM AND SBD, I have managed to buy clothes for my daughters.
With STEEM AND SBD, I managed to buy lenses for my daughters.
With STEEM AND SBD, I have managed to help families financially with some food.
With STEEM AND SBD, I have paid for my daughters' school.
With STEEM AND SBD, I have managed to have a slightly better quality of life
With STEEM AND SBD, somehow with other friends every 2 weekends we managed to make many meals to give to the neediest in my city, approximately 300 people.

This is my personal reality and I know that many other Venezuelans have their own experiences and their own realities, each one different but they have all managed to get ahead thanks to STEEM AND SBD, I know of cases where donations have been organized to save lives in my country .

So the reach that STEEM and SBD have in Venezuela is of great help.

The changes mentioned with respect to the blockchain can generate anxiety in view of what has been mentioned with respect to steem and SBD.
Steem and Sbd help to get ahead in the midst of an economic debacle that we are experiencing in my country.

How can these changes affect us economically, what will happen with the STEEM the SBD and of course also with STEEM POWER

So we hope that the fork can have a date and also that it is public, to know what we are going to do about it, the issue of the exchange can be resolved over time. And I'm sure it will be very difficult for some like me. for my part you can count on me, I will continue giving my best towards any objective that is beneficial for this community.

I hope you think of all the little fish that are in this community interacting every day creating content and even teaching through this medium.

We hope that this new change is not painful or conflictive.

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I once asked @crypto.piotr why help Venezuela. I thought that Steem/ SBD's value is the same where I am. Not much. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Thank you for enlightening me.

Hi @nurseanne84

Our reality can be much worse than what I say in this publication.
however I also say that steem and sbd has saved lives in my country.

And this uncertainty has me with a lot of headaches.

Hi @teach-me

I don't want you to misunderstand what I mean, it's actually nothing against Blocktrades,
On the contrary I just want more information about it, many of us live off the steem and the sbd, if they change it I want to be prepared for everything that comes, I'm on this boat and I'll still be here. it's a place where I do something that I like, I don't see it as a job. but it's very good to know that you do something that you like and that you get paid for it.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

and I dare say that a large percentage of the people here like that too, to be paid for their efforts.

Please tell me in which sentence you can interpret what you say:

but I know that you have written "disgusting to Blocktrades".

I need to correct it so it can NO longer be interpreted as an insult.

Hi @lanzjoseg
Sorry, I wrote it wrong.
I mean "pearl of inner voice."
I'm testing a translation application that I made, buddy. sorry once again

but I know that you have written "disgusting to Blocktrades".

@teach-me, And what is your native language.

Hi, my friend. I don't see any part about "disgusting to Blocktrades"

But, I don't know why you wrote this post mention @blocktrades. Maybe that's the confusion...

I would recommend editing and writing a bit about your reason for directing it to @blocktrades

Hi @jadams2k18
I'm testing a translation application that I made, buddy. sorry

Interesting. Thanks for the clarification ^^

Are you a programmer? Can you tell me more about that translation app? o.O?

Next time I will tell you.
I'm studying programming a translator application filled wiht ferocious insects.

You mean "Bugs", right? o.O¿?

Whenever you can, post something about it :D

Although I do not understand the contents of your mind towards Blocktrades, but I know that you have written "pearl of inner voice to Blocktrades(to fix)".
Very touching buddy when I read it.

Dear @lanzjoseg

I've been trying to figure out what to think about entire situation. In my opinion - neither Justin or most old witnesses aren't to be trusted - and it's just power struggle.

Regardless, we're all going to be affected in ways we cannot yet predict.

Personally, I care to learn how many people I know will move to one chain or another. To see who I would lose if I choose one option or second one. Probably I will try to maintain my presence on both chains.

I'm myself worried. It's sad to see that witnesses gaved up the fight for steem blockchain so fast. And they managed to convince most users to migrate to different chain. I'm not sure if this is any different from what Justin wanted to do in the first place. Surely there are some small differences, but overall it's pretty much same shit. It will affect greately so many users and create more uncertainty in the nearest future.
Things are moving to fast and out of control. It's surely sad that things played out this way.

Yours, Piotr

Hi dear Piotr

For those of us who live in Venezuela these changes mean a lot of anguish, because as you know, many of us (myself included) live on steemit.

For my part I will try to stay on both blockchain, but this means that my work will be doubled and hopefully my earnings; but from my experience I guess there will be no more profit.

Friend @crypto.piotr

This situation is very worrying, my concern is so great that yesterday I had a very bad time, even with a headache. I did not say anything to my wife about the degree of uncertainty that this situation of duality has on me.

But she knows everything about me and realized that something was wrong with me. I told him everything that is happening and the first thing he told me was.

"Love, only girls worry me that they don't lack food, you will see that we can get out of this situation, with these 20 years of communism in our country we have learned to survive".

Of course my biggest concern is that my daughters are not short of any food. And now with all the corona virus problem that came to Venezuela, and the government ordered isolation for more than 40 days, imagine having 40 days locked up and no money and no food or the little we have is not going to last for 40 days.
and also now with this uncertainty of how the market will behave.

Hello @lanzjoseg

This is a situation that has me distressed. Especially because I am afraid of the time we will be in the air while exchanges like @orinoco, @capybaraexchange and others decide to change for Fiat our Stern, or if they decide to do it or not. This concern I think is that of many people and I only hope that it is resolved quickly.
Meanwhile, I think that the best thing is to save and try to have money to overcome this crisis, because being from Venezuela we already know how particularly this situation affects us.
Hopefully @blocktrades reads this post and empathizes with the situation.

Yes @reinaldoverdu friend a terrible situation., And I know yours by your own voice, just as I am worried about my daughters, with all my heart I have also thought of you, of how I could affect you.

I hope this does not affect so much in our lives, we should still hope that it happens ..

The method that these exchanges you mentioned implement is to change the STEEM to BTC or ETH. They do this daily.
They do not accumulate STEEM.

As long as streem has value, they will keep buying and selling.

At the moment you can see how the STEEM value is increasing. This is motivated by several reasons, among them the great publicity that Steem Blockchain is having with all this conflict, in addition many people are increasing their holding to take advantage of the next snapshot.

But soon the steem debacle will come. So let's pray that HIVE is consolidated by that time.

STEEM and SBD will soon be worthless.
We must focus on that possibility.

The Steem blockchain suffered a fatal wound from which I do not think it can survive.

This Blockchain has been sustained thanks to the support of a select group of developers and the community in general.
The users themselves have not provided the true support that steem has needed. This can be evidenced in the massive abandonment that occurred last year.

However, Dapps and projects continued to develop, which were progressing slowly: tribes, steem engine, SMT's, Steem Proposals.
These projects have continued to add value to the chain.

Now it is those developers who have created HIVE. They have great support from financiers and the support of a large part of the community.

I see no future for Steemit with Sun or without Sun.
If justin stays, he won't have the team of developers and valuable Dapps. Nor will it have the support of much of the community.
If Justin leaves, he will take all his money and leave steem on the floor.

A new opportunity is presenting with HIVE. We would not start from scratch.

We must coexist on both blockchains until we can abandon one of the two. The decision will not be easy, but so will the future.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Hi @henry-9ja

It is possible that those thoughts have a lot of mixed feelings in everything that is happening. and that as a Venezuelan it affects me a lot.

Hi, with the support given to Hive so far, it seems like it has a good potential to takeover Steem. SteemPeak and SteemAuto among the list of dApps supporting Hive.

I suggest to keep posting on both Hive and Steem for the time being.

It is very disheartening to watch things almost fall apart here, this dame steem and sbd that has been used to put good on a lot of people's table seem to be going down the drain, but we can only hope for the best.

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