fyrst-witness support BlockTrades RocksDB proposal to Steemit!

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There is no reason why not to support this official proposal from BlockTrades. This will be good for exchanges, front-ends, full-nodes and witnesses and is the first step in the right direction to optimize this blob of a blockchain.




Where should Steemit.inc take the money from when they just layed of 70% of staff. To me its sounds kind of hard to understand why they laying off there own people to reduce costs but than spent money for another team to get the job done???

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They arent spending any new team.
BlockTrades does this voluntarily with its own dev team. :)

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I thought in that post they where saying that it will cost 250K to finish it in 3 months. Or did I get something wrong here?

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Yea, but these are BlockTrades costs not steemits

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No. Blocktrades is asking SteemInc to pay $250K.

Really? Okay then.
And even if so.. The 250k would be invested really good.

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Ok so Blocktrade is sponsoring the development? If that is the case than yes of course they should do it!

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It depends; if Steeminc can pay $250K and get the feature delivered in 3 months, that might be better than throwing that same money at employees to try deliver the same thing.
Employees are much more expensive than their salaries and, when it comes to specialist dev tasks, you can't always get the right people if you try - and bringing somebody talented-but-unfamiliar upto speed with the code base also takes time.

Good project

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