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What is it? and what are the coins for?

I can exclusively reveal that I'm now one of the Vesting Founder Advisors for NOWCOIN, and have been given the opportunity to promote and attract interest in this radical new Crypto-Space Game. Luckily for you and the team, I'm just the right person for the role! As we all now by know, DC (me) is rather good at networking and creating musical cheer wherever whence he goes!

But I'm such a busy man, and rarely have time to sleep or eat!!
Being an International Musician, Networking Guru, Social Butterfly, Father to an 8 and 4 year old, Working Full Time at a school for Special Needs Students, co-hosting a Weekly Radio Show with @d-vine and @onemedia Gracing the EasyDex server with my presence, Running a new Choon server And.... The list goes on... Queue the Ahhhhhh's

I'll be giving out NOWCOIN each week on our show to the guests, artists and performers that we have on as a thankyou.

Here are the guests and audience memebers who have already received some Coins -

So, it's over to you to tell ME about NOWCOIN
I don't really have a huge amount of blog writing time (I'm currently locked in the bathroom, Hiding from Mrs C and the kids, pretending to do a number 2, just so I can write this) to create a hilarious and engaging blog post about the project, and how the token is now an EasyDex/BitShares at the fine value of -


As you can see, there is some very active trading with NOWCOIN and the price will just keep rising with more and more activity! It's a brilliant no-brainer HODL token.

This isn't a contest to see who creates the best blog post or best video tutorial! I'm not overly keen on contests and hate losing! so I'll give out tokens to anyone that creates a worthy and well thought out post!

You can write a blog post, make a video or use what ever other means you have to tell us all about NOWCOIN But please don't just go and Copy & Paste reems and rems of text from the NOWCOIN Whitepaper, Because I could of done that and saved myself lots of time and got myself out of this bathroom a lot quicker! Please do use that information to your advantage though and if copied, please cite it.

Here's a brief video explaining NOWCOIN to give you a head start

So, it's over to you to tell US all about NOWCOIN?
I don't need to write a huge blog post about the project and how the token is now an EasyDex/BitShares coin.

You can write a blog post, make a video or use what ever other means you have

I look forward to seeing your posts!


Thanks to the following people for interacting with the NOWCOIN that I sent -


Artwork by @madcracke

MSP Waves

Be sure to listen on the

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UTC/GMT 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm
EDT 02:00 pm - 04:00 pm
PDT 11:00 am - 01:00 pm

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Much love & respect,

@d-vine, @onemedia & @darrenclaxton


Excellent post brother. I have great expectations for this coin.

Cheers brother! me too!
Go buy some!

Interesting post, thats for educating us on this new coin... #NOWCOIN !

My pleasure mate!