My Entry For Open Mic and Blocktrades Steemfest Giveaway

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So....I made the last minute decision to make an entry for The Steemfest Giveaway. Like almost everything I do, it was last minute and half-assed, but I decided to forget about my insecurities and nervousness for a moment to get in front of the camera to do this. I decided to record this next to the river since there are always screaming kids and loud music/tv shows playing in our house. I needed a place to calm myself a bit ;) So, I apologize in advance for the sound quality and the cars driving over the bridge above me.

Steemit has become such a positive and fun part of our lives in the past year or two, and @jasonrussell and I would be absolutely thrilled to attend Steemfest! I'm kind of at a loss for words right now because I'm still shaky and jittery from speaking on camera, but I did the best I could. Thank you to @openmic and @blocktrades for this great opportunity!

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Congratulations Mel! Great step you took here breaking the ice!

Speaking on camera is definitely out of my comfort zone. Haha, so thanks a bunch! :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks for making this video and entering. It looks so beautiful where you are. I could sit by the river all day and be happy.

Just so you know, the tag you used was blocktradecontest instead of the tag blocktradescontest but luckily we found you post anyway.

We noticed that after the fact.... and of course you can't change the first one so i made sure she got it added for the last tag... thanks @luzcypher!

Yeah, unfortunately Jason noticed my typo just right after I posted and I can’t edit the first tag. But I still gave it a shot anyway! :) Our river is so beautiful and peaceful; I think that’s what calmed me down enough to make the video, haha. Thanks luzcypher!