Dan Larimer interview with Alex Sterk from Blocktalk

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Dan Larimer aka @dan / @dantheman / Bytemaster speaking with Alex Sterk from Blocktalk.

Live on YouTube

Thursday May 4th, 8PM EST.


Thanks a bunch for sharing, time to turn up the volume and have a listen, then! Namaste :)

this was a pleasure to watch, and I'm looking forward to EOS

99minutes ....I have to tune in and listen. . . . thnX4 reminder

We're live!!!

Thanks for sharing this about Dan... wouldn't have found it out myself otherwise.

Nice! Will be tuning in.

Great in depth interview and good meeting of minds between Alex and Dan

Good job @steempower
I like it

great interview :)

will be interesting to hear more about EOS at Consensus 2017

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki page article Dan Larimer. Thanks and good luck again!

Wow! This is going to be fun! I'll try to be there.