Diving into BlockStack: #1 - Introduction

in blockstack •  last year

Hi all , I am back to Steemit@!


I decided to spend some of my free time on BlockStack and create a whole Steemit series about the blockchain.

A few bullet points.

  • What is BlockStack : BlockStack aims to create new decentralized Internet: DNS on blockchain, offchain decentralized storage system and a new breed of decentralized apps.

  • Is it a tokenized blockchain: not yet, but it is planned to issue a token.

  • Why I decided to spend my time on it: because I think it is a cool project!

  • What else: the project is active, guys are backed by VC, lately launched $25 000 000 fund for blockchain apps.

I came across this project by accident. I am going to deep dive into technical details of the project and share my discoveries. I hope to try app development as well. I am also interesting in tests and test automation of the project.

This all seems pretty exciting. I will start posting soon!

Disclaimer: I created BlockStack Superhero in the picture above. It is based on art by kablam from openclipart.com and the official BlockStack logo.

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Definitely am interested to learn more about Blockstacks, its value proposition and potential. :)

Awesome post! I am also following Blockstack very closely. Seems to be a project with some good backers and more importantly a useful technological function.
I wonder if Steemit will ever end up on the Blockstack network? (if that is what its called!)

i thougt of an new stack 4 the new technologies. it was before more then half a year. And now i see there is some dev on this idea. great.