The Blockchain (Contest & art process)

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"If you could illustrate the "blockchain" if you had only 1 sketch or drawing to explain it? " sndbox said in a post typing his way from his keyboard to plan out the contest

"I KNOW WHAT ABOUT BLOCK AND A CHAIN??!?!?" Maya 525 stood up and yelled at them. Sndbox only shakes their head because Maya is writing fanfiction about this stupid thing it's not even funny-

Hewwo everyone, welcome to my lair of peeparooni I mean- uh ART AND BEAUTY YAY!.

So today I try to illustrate the blockchain or atleast trying to make it pretty.. I'm not a coder or anything so I don't really understand what it does or how ya'll devs make it, but this is how I imagine the blockchain. Which has a block.. And a chain.

And ofcourse there is some sea creatures because those hierarchy ranking stuff to be honest, y'know.. Whales.. Well I don't know if there is an Octopus ranking haha-

And finally just symbols and just having a dreamy outlook on it. Maybe because the blockchain is a dream?!?!?! HMMMMM-

Also I was doing an another experimental art and kind of lineless and the cubes are experimental trying to make it some kind of modern like egypt stuff? Like an ancient artifact but trying to make it modernized, I guess that's what I was going for, heh.

I also was trying to practice on coloring backgrounds and stuff and I think I manage to do it nicely? I don't know XD it's not really good as my expectations but it's better than nothing, I guess hmmm..

Processs!!! Start!

  1. Firstly we start the most predictable thing about drawing..

SKEEEETCHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAA yeah it is the sketch, where I planned most of these things and just brain dump every single thing I know and love in this universe.

  1. Then I began to draw the cubes, I kinda based it off of some thumbnails of @sndbox because the colors are so beautiful and I wanted to try it out and try to know on how ya'll pick such calming and pretty colors ;-;

I tried my best not to color pick it LEL.

  1. Then more details put into the box as I try to make it.. AESTHETIC as possible. (While also planning out the chains)

  1. I added more aesthetic boxes by duplicating the current ones. Ah.. The power of digital art, (wish I could duplicate my money though.)

  1. Adding in more details like the bubbles and also.. An easter egg from a previous comic I did ;) my octoboy from tangled up comic

  2. And now.. Onto the main attraction!!!


nah just kidding it's a whale.
Though everyone thinks it is a thanos fish.

Aaaaand FINISHED!!

Finally with all my strength and might the prophecy is done! MHMP!!

I enjoyed drawing this, I feel like I'm drawing some kind of dream land, something trippy that I could not even dream about it.. Well I just did though so..

Btw this is an another version but I didn't lile it because it's not too.. Calming? I dunno maybe I'm just making bad decissions LEL.

Anyways that's all for todays episode of Maya drawing and typing to people on steemit and keep forgetting to actually add my goddamn signature and links at the end XD

By the way thanks to @trincowski

I didn't know about this rule on steemit wtf XD

Heeeere is my instagwam pwease follow for more detonated wam

If ya wanna heres my discord because I'm bored lol


Very cool work, Maya. I thought you said you didn't know what a blockchain is... Your concept is right on point.

There are blocks, connected between them to form a chain... There are all kinds of little creatures lurking around in the blockchain... And of course, a whale. There's always a whale. The powerful and scary whale!

Fantastic, I'm rooting for you to win. Go, Maya! 😁

there are literal boxes. SMH

I upvoted your post.

Mabuhay, keep steeming.

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I see BLOCKS and they are chained. SO YES, BLOCKCHAIN! good illustration ! there's a whale and everything !!! VERY NICE !

very literal LOL.

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This is amazing! Loving the style.

I like that Thanos fish is being close to the block chain. It will make sure that everything in the chain would be perfectly balanced kekeke.  
Good luck with the contest, Maya! :D                

Well that's one way to take that term literally XD Thanos is most definitely a whale, it has horizontal flukes and one pair of fins XD That light is a nice addition :)

If I'm interpreting the end comment correctly, it's not a steem thing, it's a markdown thing.

Thanos fish, heh. Very vibrant artwork, has an ambient glow to it!

Hi @maya525! This piece is beautiful! We are so sorry to have missed the curation window on this post. If you wouldn't mind, leave a comment (below this comment) and we'll be sure to give you a boost.

Here's the announcement post spotlighting some of our favorites :)

Thankyou! And don't worry hf20 is a big meanie XD, and I will conment.. Cuz i already commented ahaha! :D