The Blockshipping's Brilliant Global Shared Container Platform Powered By The Blockchain Technology

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Today we would like to talk about an ideal and promising platform that has an enormous potential to transform the shipping industry with the help of blockchain technology. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge and valuable experience of the Danish shipping giant Blockshipping, The Global Share Container Platform (GSCP) aims to provide a fantastic opportunity for the billions of USD savings contributing to the preservation of the environment with the vast amount of reduction of CO2 emissions.      

While the container shipping sector has had a significant seaborne trade market share, several issues in the industry constitute severe challenges for all types of parties. Fundamental challenges are related to the exceeding the capacity, security issues, environmental problems as well as reduced rates. In addition to these, there are some other problems like the load of paperwork, old-fashioned technology, adverse results of shipping air, and lack of real-time tracking and adequate customer support. All these problems have to be resolved as soon as possible for the sake of the further growth of the industry. At this point with the help of blockchain technology, GSCP offers incredible solutions to current issues to boost the overall efficiency, develop advanced methods, and ensure the healthy digital transformation. GSCP permanently will enable the container asset registry similar to the ship registry powered by the blockchain technology, and billions of container units will be integrated into GSCP platform within a few years. 

With the help of the Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things data as well as blockchain technologies, GSCP will become the dominant platform in the shipping industry offering unique solutions such as administration of all types of payments, real-time record of the containers, as well as monetization.  With the help of the blockchain technology and usage of the smart contracts, GSCP will provide full security, transparency, user-friendly interface for the better tracking experience, incredible cost-effectiveness and real-time perceptibility. Concerning the cost-effectiveness, participants of the GSCP platform will enjoy grey box opportunity and diminished carrier haulage percentages. Moreover, they will take advantage of the high volume of cost savings regarding the street-turn chance and decline in container fleet. Also, GSCP platform will provide fantastic opportunities for the leasing companies, insurance businesses as well as banks because they will able to benefit from the real-time tracking of the container without losing any connection so that GSCP platform will eliminate the commercial distress as well as insurance costs saving billions of USD. Furthermore, GSCP platform will contribute to the protection of environment reducing the CO2 as well as NOx emissions year by year.       

Overcoming all the challenges in the sector, GSCP platform will enable the advanced container asset registry providing the real-time tracking with the help of the blockchain technology and the advanced sensor system. Therefore, GSCP platform has an enormous potential to become the global registry and container operation platform enjoying the market domination. Participants will experience the sophisticated technology of the platform powered by the AI, IOT, machine learning, and blockchain, delicate payment solutions, cost-effectiveness, transparency, security, high scalability and reduced energy costs.   

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The company behind the GSCP platform, Blockshipping is now ready for the Initial Coin Offering introducing Container Crypto Coin (CCC). In fact, there will be two types of tokens: one is CCC, and the other one is Container Platform Token (CPT).  Companies will use CPT as the internal token for the transactions related to fees and costs within the platform. Joining the GSCP ICO, participants will enjoy the further growth of the platform holding their CCC tokens. 


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