EOS Mediterranean Code of Conduct and Stance On Vote Buying

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EOS Mediterranean Code of conduct

We will abide by the governing rules set forth by the community’s agreed upon Constitution, we will abide by, follow and enforce decisions that are enacted without delay.

EOS Mediterranean’s position is not to participate/be involved in any kind of activities related to vote buying or BP candidates vote collusion; we are open for discussion and synergies with BP and as an incubator with DAPP’s developers. We need a clean and transparent way to make this happen.

EOS Uncertainty

How is EOS going to impact the world? Will it help speculators to become rich? Will it help low-income communities become part of an inclusive financial system? Will it be an infrastructure measurement for DAPPs?

It is hard to overstate the potential impact of EOS from a financial, social or even intellectual point of view; our vision is to become an enabler for the development of DAPPs in Southern Europe and Northern Africa, and we will stick to this philosophy, incubating different projects through EOS token that will be based on values such as:

  • Economic rewards or profitability
  • Socially inclusive
  • Human interaction

Our Team Proposal

Yes, EOS is a way to produce wealth and to finance/incubate new ideas that can change the world, and our team clearly represents this idea with a variety of profiles involved in financial sectors, as well as entrepreneurs climbing up the investment ladder for their own projects.

However, our team also has members coming from social justice/ hacker movements and that will help us to keep our feet on the ground and provide a safe and secure system to the EOS Community.

Accountability / Transparency

Our team is excited about initiatives happening in the community regarding these topics, where many independent auditors are providing services to communities to increase transparency:

  • Join the mainstream independent auditing proposals happening in the community
  • Join any independent or professional audit entity proposed by our voting base
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