Thoughts on ECAF´s processes and Frozen Accounts.

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The EOS mainnet is one of the greatest social experiments of all time, it is a governed Blockchain that allows the implementation of dispute resolution systems to deal with controversies that may arise between parties operating in the EOS ecosystem.

The EOSIO Core Arbitration Forum, also known as ECAF, is the first arbitration forum created for the EOS Community. ECAF´s role is to provide independent and unbiased arbitration amongst 2 or more conflicting parties.

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Before we go ahead and discuss the current arbitration processes, we would like to congratulate ECAF´s arbitrators for the hours they have volunteered to this organization and to the EOS Community. We also take very serious our role as a Block Producer. Delegated Proof of Stake is not just a block-producing mechanism it is also a representative system built in the Blockchain, Block Producers have a duty to represent their voters, examine and discuss their actions with their constituency.

Having said this, we would like to talk about a few topics that we think should be discussed in public and also give some recommendations to improve ECAFs communication with the Block Producers and the community.

Arbitration Cases: there would be scaling problems if ECAF decides to take every private scam accusation. In the near future, they could have thousands of cases per day and we do not currently know what resources they would need to carry out the enormous task of verifying each case.

Funding: we believe that ECAF´s funding should remain independent from BPs and other EOSio actors so that there are no conflict of interest in the arbitration process. Ideally there will be worker proposals for arbitrators but until the WP is implemented on chain, ECAF could charge a percentage for each case they take. Once WP are released ECAF could set work proposals to incorporate to the fee system.

Transparency: The reasoning behind ECAFs actions should be made public the moment they are taken or in a very short period of time if the action was taken as an emergency.

Certification of Documents: ECAF arbitrator can use a tool like to sign their documents and certify them on the EOS Blockchain with a timestamp. This will reduce confusion as they can proof ownership of each document they release.

Process Definition: We recommend a simple template for Arbitrators to send sign orders to BPs and explain the actions BP must take. This is will accelerate the process of decision making and implementation of ruling.

Accounts Frozen

Because we want to prevent movements of the funds from the 27 accounts and we want to comply with ECAF´s ruling: EOS Argentina has proceeded with the blacklisting of the following accounts:

actor-blacklist = g44dsojygyge
actor-blacklist = haydqnbtgene
actor-blacklist = gq4demryhage
actor-blacklist = ktl2qk5h4bor
actor-blacklist = q4dfv32fxfkx
actor-blacklist = haytanjtgige
actor-blacklist = exchangegdax
actor-blacklist = cmod44jlp14k
actor-blacklist = 2fxfvlvkil4e
actor-blacklist = yxbdknr3hcxt
actor-blacklist = yqjltendhyjp
actor-blacklist = pm241porzybu
actor-blacklist = xkc2gnxfiswe
actor-blacklist = ic433gs42nky
actor-blacklist = fueaji11lhzg
actor-blacklist = w1ewnn4xufob
actor-blacklist = ugunxsrux2a3
actor-blacklist = gz3q24tq3r21
actor-blacklist = u5rlltjtjoeo
actor-blacklist = k5thoceysinj
actor-blacklist = ebhck31fnxbi
actor-blacklist = pvxbvdkces1x
actor-blacklist = oucjrjjvkrom
actor-blacklist = guzdonzugmge
actor-blacklist = gu2teobyg4ge
actor-blacklist = gu4damztgyge
actor-blacklist = ha4doojzgyge

This action will give us some time to work with ECAF to further improve communication and understand their processes better.

The decision was taken based on the following criteria: the blacklisting of addresses can be reversed easily, but movement of stolen funds may not be recoverable if we wait for more information to be provided.

It is very important to us that the community participates on this debate, so we invite you to share your thoughts on the matter in hand. As we build and improve our ecosystem there will be many hurdles, but there is nothing that we can not solve as a whole.

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