The system contract has been upgraded

Today (26/07/2018) the system contract proposal 1dot1dotzero was approved by 15 Block Producers.

Following the approval, the setramrate function was introduced to the system and subsequently called, which lead to the increase of RAM at a rate of 1kb per block.

In addition to this, and as an unexpected consequence of the initialization procedure in the contract, around 1.5gb of RAM was immediately added to the supply. This happened because the gstate2.last_ram_increase was wrongly initialized to 0, therefore the contract wrongly calculated the actual RAM Supply, yielding to a number higher than what it should have been.

It is important to state that the initialization procedure of the new system contract only runs once, hence there will not be any other unexpected spikes in RAM supply.

From now on, RAM will continue to increase at a rate of 1kb per block.


Is the contract set to be valid for 1 year still? Will it complete at 128GB?

No, ram will grow continuously without a set end time.

Thanks for the reply


If this wasn't your intent, why do you not file arbitration against yourself, have ECAF rule that in-fact this was not the intended actions of the person implementing the code, and then find a solution to remove this excess RAM from the system?

Since RAM can't just be deleted, then a temporary halt on adding new RAM to the marketplace for the amount of days which you erroneously created would be sufficient.

@eosargentina, enjoy the vote!

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Thanks. I hope the ram will be cheaper now

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