Matias Romeo joins EOS Argentina

in blockproducer •  4 months ago

Today is a very exciting day for EOS Argentina as we announce the incorporation of Matias Romeo.

Matias, also known as elmato, is a top contributor to the EOSio official github repository and has been a Bitshares top 21 witness for several years, so he has a deep understanding of all Graphene based Systems.

We believe that Matias will not only strengthen our technical team, but will also contribute greatly to the EOS Ecosystem.

Matias was instrumental in the development of our eosio.claim contract that will help users registered their unregistered accounts.

Most importantly, Matias shares our community building vision and we look forward to working alongside such a talented developer.

EOS Argentina will keep working to build great tools for the EOS Community with elmato on our side!


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Vamos equipo! Tienen mi voto. Gracias por todo el trabajo q están haciendo. Bienvenido Matías, y q se sigan sumando genios.

Hey I am in BA, right now.