Where have we been?

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Me enjoying my holiday in Orkney with Dana Varahi

Okay, @dana-varahi and I have not been posting on steem for a couple of months, or working on @blockpress. We had disappeared without notice and if anyone was paying attention to us or our project they may have been left wondering what happened?

Well, from SteemFest2 till the release of the BlockPress beta earlier this summer we had been working pretty damn hard. And so when summer rolled around we enjoyed a much needed break. We spent some time in the Orkney islands, we enjoyed time at home, walks in the local forests, and got creative with some art and paintings.

Finnish lessons

We've also been learning the Finnish language with the aim of migration, and perhaps also one day reading the Moomins in their original untranslated glory! The Kalevala might be a bit more ambitious since its language is apparently more archaic, but once the Moomins achievement is unlocked, that will be our next goal.

Troll drawings

I plan to be posting more on here as we re-enter the darker, colder months and the evenings draw in after the coming equinox. For one I want to share my troll drawings with you all. I hope to achieve one a week. I have two already done that I need to scan, so I just need to keep up the pace and stay two weeks ahead. I just need to get around to scanning them.

BlockPress and SteemConnect

We also plan to resume work on #blockpress. It is a great beta, but read only at present. So much work to do to make it do what we want. Steemconnect integration to allow likes, shares, comments and new posts will be the next big goal for BlockPress. Then a fork with a nodejs back end to automate bulk hosting.


We also have some work to do updating the steemswitch firefox plugin and porting it to the chrome browser.

All fun and games!

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