BlockPress Palette Creation Contest! 15 SBD top prize, plus runner up prizes!


Got CSS skills? Good at choosing a colour scheme?

Then this is the contest for you! Unlike many content management systems, BlockPress enjoys a seperation of layout theme from colour palette. Palettes are the easiest way to customise BlockPress and thus a good place to get started in learning about the platform.

In future we will hold contests for the best custom layout themes and content modules, but we will start with palettes to ease you into it.

What you need to do

First you will need to download BlockPress and add its files to a web server. You can edit and test your palette on your own machine, although you will need to upload the finished site somewhere the judges can access in order to enter the contest. Your hosting only needs HTML/CSS and front end JS support. There are many free hosting solutions you can use if you don't have your own server. For example, BlockPress works fine on neocities, so is an option.

Please ask if you encounter any issues when installing. We will be only too glad to provide help. Leave a comment here or contact us via any of the social media locations linked to from our official website.

Prizes determined by number of entries

  • 1 entry = automatic winner of 2 SBD
  • 2 entries = winner gets 3 SBD, runner up gets 2 SBD
  • 3 entries = winner gets 5 SBD, runner up gets 3 SBD, third place gets 2 SBD
  • 4 entries = winner gets 10 SBD, runner up gets 5 SBD, third place gets 3 SBD
  • 5 or more entries = winner gets 15 SBD, runner up gets 6 SBD, third place gets 4 SBD

Want big prizes? Ensure more people take part in the contest! All these prizes are so far donated from @antonchanning.

Bonus Pizes:

All SBD reward from this post, and the winners announcement post will be distributed amongst the winners and honourable mentions. Plus of course you get all the extra from your posts and comments getting attention.


  • Host your BlockPress based site somewhere, using one of the four bundled themes.
  • Create your own palette, and activate it in your site.
  • Make a post on steem about your palette:
    1. Tag the post with blockpress and blockpress-contest
    2. Include screenshots of your site showing off your palette.
    3. Include a link to your free site.
    4. Include a link to this contest post, declaring that your post is an entry to this contest.
  • Comment on this post with a link to your entry post.
  • Share this post.
  • Judges are @antonchanning and @dana-varahi, the developers of BlockPress. Judges decision is final.

Judging criteria

This isn't likely to be a popularity contest. An entry that gets the most upvotes or the biggest payout gets its own reward. It may still win, but we won't take that into account.

Nor will we vote based on our own tastes. Obviously that is a bold claim and we can't guarantee 100% elimination of bias, but we will be attempting to judge on originality, creativity, css skill, and perhaps most importantly a colour palette whose colours work well with each other.


Okay, no entries. Might have to roll this one over, or perhaps run a different easier contest to get everyone started.

does blockpress work in linux mint?

It should do. It should run on any webserver as it has no backend dependencies.

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