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RE: Steem Summit and The Block Party

in #blockpartytwo4 years ago

exciting things are happening here on Steem and it's important for us to work together to move the platform forward into greater awareness beyond those of us who are addicted/dedicated.

Would love to see people like @yabapmatt, @aggroed, @drakos, @guiltyparties to name a few witnesses... not ignoring @enginewitty cause I already know he's going to be there.

Would be great to see a range of Steemians some with projects they are running like @khaleelkazi from Steemleo, @theycallmedan from 3Speak, @jongolson from Click Track Profits and Steem Savvy, any of the team from the Steem Terminal, @anomadsoul or @coruscate from Steem Onboarding.. to name just a few.

A brainstorming session could kick up some great ideas in a relaxed setting. Maybe we can setup for some to video in?

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I love the idea of also doing some video in and out!!!

I'll plan on some AV equipment, too

wonder if we can find an AV guy to facilitate the video?

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