Every crypto project can be impacted by the release of XRouter How so? Check out our latest announcement about the release of the Alpha version of XRouter, and how it can begin to be used today!

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Blocknet has released the Alpha version of XRouter on mainnet, a revolutionary, first of its kind “blockchain router,” that will act as a backbone for the coming “internet of blockchains”.

XRouter enables cross-blockchain communication without the requirement of downloading even a single blockchain. Forming a part of the Blocknet Protocol, it acts as a “lite wallet” backend and is the first ever inter-chain SPV technology, taking Satoshi Nakamoto’s “simplified payment verification” into the inter-chain sphere and making blockchain data verifiable via simple API calls. This has the potential to completely revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem because while there are hundreds of blockchains that are designed to solve specific problems, these blockchains remain isolated from one another. Currently, blockchains are unable to synergistically utilize each others’ unique properties and features. XRouter is the missing link between blockchains, poised to usher in the next generation of multi-chain architectures that are needed to deliver the true power of blockchain technology to real world applications.

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I just can not believe how little action (comments, upvotes) these posts on blocknet receive. So powerful technology, so tiny adoption.