AECROS: A futuristic home building opportunity with BlockMembers

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Block members are computerizing development with automated home and building get together, combined with large scale manufacturing, and changing home money with fintech. Block members are refreshing home highlights and capacities to another degree of value and cutting edge innovations. Individuals from the local area are the first to profit as Block members reshape worldwide lodging and development. Block Members will be the drive for financing Auto-Construction permitting everybody to buy a stake in this new worldwide industry.

Mechanizing development with automated home and building gathering, combined with large scale manufacturing, and changing home accounts with fintech. We are refreshing home highlights and capacities to another degree of value and cutting edge innovations.Consider cautiously that Auto-Construction is an altogether new world industry, and a gathering of numerous organizations, not a solitary undertaking. As we develop, it will start to change the lodging market or to improve things. 2020 is our huge year to dispatch Auto-Construction into the open eye with the Block Members Program. It is energizing to be so near open dispatch in the wake of building up our framework for more than 6 years now.

What is Auto-construction?

Auto-Construction is a new industry that seamlessly automates the end to end process of building property; From Real-Estate to Property Design through to all stages of Commercial and Residential construction.

● Auto Construction upheld by AECROS gives Eco-Friendly arrangements all through the structure interaction. The fast development of the AECROS building will give help with the occasion of a catastrophic event.

● AECROS innovation empowers impermanent structures appropriate for the oil and gas area working in distant areas.

● AECROS will comprise of a few zones which incorporate large scale manufacturing of MBU (Monetized Building Units)

● Auto-Construction powered by AECROS supports the development of new green technologies to build a better future.

● Auto-Construction powered by AECROS integrates intelligence for smart and secure homes for a better future.

AECROS = ARCHITECTURE/ENGINEERING/CONSTRUCTION/REAL ESTATE: OPERATING SYSTEM. AECROS, which works automatically in the construction process, will be very helpful because it utilizes robotics technology that supports the production process and has functions that exceed human strength. The advantages it has are:

❏ Autopilot

❏ Night Vision

❏ Tripping Sensors

❏ Pressure Sensors

❏ Ongoing Inventory

❏ Gyroscopic levellers

❏ Computer Targeting System

❏ On Screen Enhanced Graphichs

❏ Computerized Remote Supervision UI

❏ Proximity Activated Speed Reduction (Lassers)

❏ Stabilizing Hardware & Software (Augmented Reality)

❏ Component Proofs of Location (Satellites, Beacoins and Blockchain)

❏ Site Mapping Phase Space Point Clouds, AR and Distributed Data Processing

The Block Fund

The ‘Block Fund’ will be created with the release of MBUs on an exchange. The Block Fund is the aggregate of all the Blocks owned by all members at any given time. This might be called the ‘Block Market Cap’ which will serve the demand from many industry sectors.

As the orders move from industry into the Block Market, blocks will rapidly be consumed. Auto-Construction manufacturers will work to replace blocks. This buy/sell movement is called ‘Inventory-Rollover’. Owners of MPs will become the beneficiaries of this inventory-rollover.

The Block Exchange

If a member only holds one MP, they then may trade 1 Block (Modular Building Unit) at a time. With 2 memberships they can trade 2 blocks at a time. This can result in exponential growth of a member’s holdings over time and the reasoning behind the release of affordable MPs (to be attainable for the mass population). A member is able to trade with only one block, as their holdings grow or have the option to trade thousands of MBUs per trade. This is the digital equivalent to flipping homes, or buildings, without ever having to enter the physical world.

Why would people contribute in BLOCK MEMBERS?

BlockMembers has made the main outright emblematic forefront that will move toward obvious impetuses in the Auto Construction industry that has as of late been pushed. The automated token, alluded to as Placeholder Participation (MP), is an ERC 20-like token with an expected starting conveyance of $ 0.10USD and restricted openness of 120 Million.

The transaction tool used by clients and contractors is cryptocurrency based on ERC 20. Smart contract support on the blockchain system makes transactions easier because payments will occur automatically when the project is completed. It can also be embedded as storage using a wallet when a client wants to use it in other construction projects.

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