Subject: Could you please confirm your deadline by 10:30amsteemCreated with Sketch.

in #blockcorp4 years ago (edited)

To: Literal Steve
From: Michael
Subject: Could you please confirm your deadline by 10:30am

Hi Stephen

How close are you to setting the deadline for the other project? I need to you to pull your finger out with this one. I'm setting you a deadline of 10:30am this morning.

Could you please make sure you meet this deadline, and get back to me before 10:30am, to confirm what the deadline will be on our previously discussed project?

To recap, our previously discussed project was to set a date in stone, for a discussion about project deadlines across the workforce. Make sure you get back to me with a deadline you feel will be realistic for us to have our conversation about deadlines, before the 10:30am deadline!



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