The Community vs. The Ecosystem.

in #blockchains6 years ago

When a cryptocurrency says "The Community", who are we talking about? Is it the early part of the ecosystem, the leaders, the influencers or other?

Eventually, the community needs to be representative of the whole ecosystem. Maybe Steem has the right balance.

Here are my thoughts.


The community should mean everybody and as a community we should work together to build a healthy platform. This means we need to work with those we disagree with to come up with viable solutions to move the platform forward.

I totaly agree @cryptobarry. At this point, I feel that Steemit has at least bypassed the current Bitcoin impasse dealing with "moving forward." Hopefully steemit just keeps going.....
full $teem ahead!

That's right, grow together and contribute with what you can!!!

Steem is in my view a completely new cryptocurrency that is not really comparable to Bitcoin. According to the Steemit Whitepaper the aim of Steemit is to create a better Reddit. But I hope, Steem will also become a wide spread cryptocurrency.

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