Henry Gant . . . this episode: Blockchain conspiracy theory

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It was the look in her eyes . . . stress. Something was very wrong . . .
wrong enough that she sought me at the cafe, and was now sitting at my table. My head rolled to one side, as it usually does when questions need answers.

"Everything OK at work, Janet?" I asked.

Her eyes wandered off, looking for the right sentence to enter back into reality.

Finally, "What do you know about Bitcoin?" she asked.

"Aww, cryptocurrency . . . blockchain . . . change the world kind of stuff." I answered.

I wasn't playing this time . . . I became deadly serious. This was going to be an iceberg from the Icelady.

"Why do you ask?" I had to say.

Her eyes reminded me of Kingman-Turquoise; they were sky blue, cut with cobalt black and highlighted by silver.
She had blonde hair with fire highlights, a slim athletic figure. It was her cobra personality that kept me at a distance.

She said, "I work for a company, we are contractors -for better words - the letter agencies . . . do you understand?"

"Yeah, of course," I answered.

She looked at me and said, "This is what I know: I have to tell someone I trust. I have to get this to the papers. If something goes wrong I need you to let the world know."

Again, I looked at her with my head askew, signifying my bewilderment.

"I correct punctuation and grammar," Janet said, her body deflating with the words.
"Over the years . . . parts of E-mails, fragments really, come to my computer and I insert the correct spelling: An apostrophe, a colon, I rearrange sentences to make sense." She went on, "I never get the entire message, or whatever it is . . . I am not supposed to know what I'm working on . . . it's compartmentalized."

I nodded, listening intently.

She pulled up her bag and threw two stacks of papers at me.
"Do you know what that is?" Janet asked.

The first began, " Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System"

"Yeah, this is the Bitcoin 'whitepaper' written by Satoshi Nakamoto." I said.

Janet leaned close. "No, it isn't . . . that is the bitcoin whitepaper . . . as written by me."
Janet continued, "Satoshi was supposed to mangle the English language . . . I fixed it." Janet pause a second; then added, "No one was to guess he was part of the system . . . No one in the agency snapped that a contractor was fixing the punctuation and spelling."

"I'm not following you here, Janet." I said.

"I got bits and pieces of this . . . I sent them on."
"I got more bits and pieces . . . I sent them on."
"I got more bits and pieces . . . I started putting them together."

Janet sat back . . . and looked at me. "This is nothing . . . I put together twenty years of fragments before the Bitcoin whitepaper ever appeared, and with cryptocurrencies it became clear."

I sat up shifting my head to the other side. "What's clear?!" I asked.

"They are taking over America!" said Janet, "It's a plan . . . there is a document, secret, a whitepaper, the outline, I corrected it over the years. I put it together!!"
She added, "Just fragments . . . you have to put it together . . . you have to see before it's too late." She tapped on the second pile of papers.

Then, Janet started to spew words . . . phases, parts of sentences, things which she was still working on: "World money, gold window closing . . . violent gaming . . . mass shootings, gun control . . . blockchain registration of implants, mind control . . ." She went on.

I had to stop her.

I grabbed her hands and she quit talking, she just shook.

"It started . . . over fifty years ago." Janet Stammered. "It's planned."

Janet stood up and just started walking. . . . Lost. Somewhere in her mind she was putting together the fragments of E-mails, messages, memos, all sent to her computer for grammatic correction.

She had put it together, the whitepaper for the overthrow of the American way of life:
Systematic, insidious, unrelenting.

And she had the document congealing in her mind.

I straightened my head.
I don't need to make a phone call, I know what I have to do, my job is to protect the whitepaper . . .

from people like Janet.

Que the scary music.

H. G.

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Woah !!!
Awesome story @henry-gant!
Really a thriller!
And I do have to mention that your writing and use of words are fantastic!!

Keep up the good work!!
Resteemed :)

I was hoping that the ending was shocking!
Thank you for your reply.
H. G.

Wow that was intense! This is an amazing Blockchain conspiracy theory that looks very real. I wonder if it is really real? Is it? Oh my gosh, I am confuse right now haha

Realy good fiction.

H. G.

And you would do me the most kindness is you would resteem this story.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Sure! No problem! Resteemed it!

At the first read, I thought the story was for real :D
Only to notice that it was a work of fiction!!!
Ypu really have an amazing writer inside you Henry.
Keeping an eye out for your future posts!

Your reply has made it all worth it.
Thank you so much.

Origins Of Bitcoin !!! Cool one.
This took me back to the time when I watched The Good Wife Season 3 Episode 13. If you haven't watched it, give it a shot! It have a similar theme as of your story.

The good wife I have never seen. There is a lot of T. V. that I have never seen. I like that title.
I'm happy the story held your interest. That is the whole reason for writing.

Great day.

H. G.

Followed . . .

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Resteemd 🙂
Great writing!!
Try to post often @henry-gant

Cheers @jaedea

Gran historia , me gusto mucho .. Saludos

Thank you, very much.

resteemed sir:)

Thank you @purpleheart.
Writers just want to be read. And a resteem is the best thing for a work of words.

upvoted and followed.

H. G.

The story is exciting to read. I keep my eyes on every word and details of the story. Very well written @henry-gant. Happy that I following you.

Thank you very much @loraine, this was a fun story to write. And the endings are as much a surprise to me as well.

great story..
thats really nice

Thank you for your reply, @shubhe483.

your most welcome

Intense! I love it!! You are such a great writer :) I wanted to read the whole book!!

Thank you, @thouser.
To be resteemed is the most rewarding thing I can think of in this Steem.it environment: The words we write to be read by others.

H. G.

if the story is real, it will be an amazing story. hopefully happen in life.

Thank you for your comment @fujia.
It is a nice bit of fiction.

I must admit, you are a good writer.
Am resteeming and am following you right away. Keep blessing this community with your post

Thank you, @isaacbanks for the resteem! I'll follow you also.

H. G,

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I would prefer that you read the article and tell me what you think.

H. G.