Floor Dynamics - The Self | Entry for the #Blockchainmusic challenge Round 8 ("Awakening")

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My latest psy track for the blockchainmusic challenge round 8, themed "awakening".

Features quotes by Alan Watts, produced in Bitwig Studio 2.3 using mainly bitwig's native synths as well as livecut for glitching and lots of automated LFO's. There is a certain magic about random values as it allows the track's fx to sound different every time the track is played so I had some epiphanies playing with the balance of random and planning.

The track needs way more love and care and I felt painfully rushed with the deadline this week, I think I underestimated what I wanted to do with this track, which makes me a little sad... Pretending I'm this "poor little me" again ;)

But hey, this upload will help me figure out the finishing touches and getting ready for the actual release - in the end the pressure has always helped me move forward and hopefully it will work similarly this time.

It was a blast making this track though! Resisting getting lost in one detail, coming back to focus on the whole now ;)

For now only on youtube as I have yet to set up my Floor Dynamics Choon account.

Enjoy <3

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Thanks for stopping by <3

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yeah - floor dynamics :))) - I love it - sounds round and ready to me ;)

Can't wait to release it as part of my EP when it's really done. Thanks for your ear and love <3

BOom this song is super woke bro... awesome
Stay positive and constructive even during tough times and keep working towards something better.

be well

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Love your mantras thank you dude <3

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