TUNE IN TODAY!!! We Will Be Announcing The Winners Of Round 4 On The "Blockchain Music Challenge" Show!

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Hey Y'All?

Want to listen to all the entries & find out "WHO" won "Round 4" of the "Blockchain Music Challenge" - A DSound Community Initiative ( @dsound/ @prc ) ?

Then make sure to tune in LATER!!

The "Blockchain Music Challenge" Show!!!

The "Blockchain Music Challenge Show" is a show complementary to @inthenow's "Blockchain Music Challenge".
The host of the show are the judges of the "Blockchain Music Challenge",
@inthenow, @jeffleinwand & @d-vine.

Every Wednesday!

UTC 9:00 PM

On the SMA Discord Server

The "Blockchain Music Challenge" is brought to you & hosted by the wonderful @inthenow.

The topic of Round 4 of the "Blockchain Music Challenge" was "Space & Black Holes".

The Rules of the "Blockchain Music Challenge" :

1.Your song can be of any genre. Must Fit The Theme
2.Must be your song! If you are collaborating with someone we need to know.
3.Make a post about your song/entry. Use #blockchainmusic tag!
4.Add a link to your post in the contest room - blockchain-music-contest!
5.You can only have One (1) Entry per Round

Prizes for Round 4 of the "Blockchain Music Challenge"

FIRST PLACE WINNER: 10 SBD + 50 Whalecoin + 40 Points + 100 Notes
SECOND PLACE WINNER: 5 SBD + 5 Whalecoin + 32 Points + 50 Notes
THIRD PLACE WINNER: 3 SBD + 3 Whalecoin + 26 Points + 30 Notes
FOURTH PLACE WINNER: 2 SBD + 2 Whalecoin + 20 Points + 20 Notes

This round the prize pool is courtesy of @enginewitty, @guiltyparties, @freedomexists, @inthenow & myself. <3