BlaCat, a game platform built on NEO

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Over at CryptoBitGames, we like supporting all the innovation in blockchain. While Ethereum gets all the attention, there are certainly many other cool things happening in the space, and we want to make sure we're covering it all. In this case, a team of developers reached out to us to tell us about their platform built on the NEO blockchain called BlaCat. We thought we'd give them a little shout out to help bring attention to some of the things going on outside the spotlight.

The BlaCat platform is a blockchain game platform built on the NEO blockchain. The goal is to enable players to play blockchain games like conventional video games without dealing with complex things such as a wallet or an exchange.

The team at BlaCat have announced that they are currently in talks with participants in the NEO game competition that took place back in August. Their plan is to partner with game developers to get games up and running on BlaCat later this year through early 2019.

For those not up-to-speed on the NEO Blockchain Game Competition, it was co-hosted by NEO's gaming Dapp platform BlaCat. The competition attracted 39 NEO-powered blockchain games, from 248 participants around the world.

At the end of the competition, 8 winners stood triumphant:

  • Carry Battle, Best Technology;
  • Sky of Mine, Best Design;
  • Armed Girls·Matrix, Best Visual Effect;
  • Best Eleven, Most Commercial Value;
  • Cell Evolution, Best Innovation;
  • NEO.Girl, Best Aesthetics;
  • BLOCKLORDS, Best Blockchain Design;
  • CardMaker, Best Game & Most Popular Game.
neo game competition

To read more about the NEO Game Competition, check out their website here:

For information on BlaCat, visit their official website here.

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