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Is the problem really that there aren't enough blockchains in the world? I would much rather work on making existing blockchains more functional.

If what you are building is successful, you will be cannibalizing existing steem, which ironically is what most are trying to prevent Justin Sun from doing. Yet you are being welcomed with open arms. Ironic.


This comment makes so much sense to me.

I want to see Steem continue to evolve and grow. Other blockchains made from scratch will be made, and should inspire healthy competition for new ideas. Competition can help all blockchains improve.

Unless Steem had become so fundamentally corrupted, that a person can convincingly prove Steem can never be redeemed to the state of an honest system, then I see no reason to start over with a clean slate. It still holds so much value to so many people who look beyond the fiscal frivolity.

If what you are building is successful, you will be cannibalizing existing steem

How do you figure? Never heard the term healthy competition before? There have already been dozens of social media blockchains come and go, others based on ether tokens and so forth, they all fizzle out. So far this tiny little niche has no real competition.

Competition may have been what could have forced STINC to get their arses into gear and innovate. That's what a healthy business ecosystem is all about.

It's hardly comparable to somebody actively taking control of an existing entity and manipulating it to their will. Not sure where you're getting the comparison from, tbh

He's talking about building a better blockchain from scratch. One that doesn't have the same flaws that steem has. If he is able to do that successfully and pull users from steem to this new blockchain, existing steem will cease to exist. His better mousetrap will win and steem value goes bye bye.

Good for us.

That's what fair competition is... what's the problem? If it becomes better than Steem, then people would rightly go to the thing that is better.

To compare with Justin is bizarre... your only similarity is that people will leave? In the same way, I could leave the hospital either because I'm recovered... or dead.

Yes, so those that have invested (either time or money) in steem will lose their investment. Which is the majority of people here.

No, they'd just take their money, exchange it to the other currency (or anything else), and copy over their content (which can be saved with the click of a button).

You don't hear people on Twitter lamenting that they can't transfer over all their wasted time and effort on Facebook. It's just a normal, healthy process

That is not comparable. What do you think starts happening when only a couple whales start selling their steem for the token of this new blockchain? The price per coin goes down, and probably quickly. It will be a similar situation to rats fleeing a sinking ship. The last ones off get nothing.

Or steem will finally have competition in a good way and start to fix their problems and provide a better experience?

Pepsi and Coke both succeed but I doubt they would be on their A game if they had a monopoly.

I tend to think that if something better was coming around the corner...steem might be a bit more aggressive to keep their users happy.

You don't think so?

Fix with what? The development team quit. The SPS mostly funds witness related projects and the governance is locked in a stalemate with no end in sight.

Well if you believe that there is no end in sight, why would you begrudge someone coming along to make a new alternative?

Do you think he should offer to work for steemit with the conditions you just stated?
I'm aware that the development team quit, but

  1. if he doesn't hire more developers, steemit is done anyway.
  2. if he does, then that's where the competition comes in.

Hence....why I cheer people like @theoretical who are MAKING a way instead of sitting back, doing nothing.

No I would prefer that he put his time and efforts into building something that can benefit steem in some form.

Ah.. well, as one who has been here since 2016, and has intentionally invested over 2 years of that time building the platform by training newbies with the initial experience (and then having all those efforts erased by hardfork 20 and 21)...

Let me agree with you by saying, we all wish people could afford to have their efforts rewarded so the entire steem blockchain can benefit.

Let me disagree with you by saying reality is a lot harsher than what we wish and dream and hope it to be.

I look at your account and see you stopped posting over 2 years ago with this account; it seems like you probably understand when things become more of an ideal than a reality for the Steem community.

You have beautiful pictures in those posts by the way. It's too bad that so many people had to powerdown when steem's problems escalated but, it's understandable.

If you want to continue to use your time to help the platform, as you're suggesting for @theoretical, you should begin posting on your account again and share your creativity with the platform.

In your own words, "put your time and efforts into building something that can benefit steem in some form".

Most of the positive comments here are from active, involved Steemians who are interested in seeing what he will do. I think that says a lot.