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Hello everyone, today is another TCCNS on whaleshares discord server. There is a lot that is going to happen on the show from hearing the Word of God together by listening to the different presentations to giving out to all who will present their Christian article.


So are you a Christian author and desires some upvotes and possible sharing for your post, otherwise you wish additional exposures to your blog? this is often the right show for you to attend. You'll meet different Christian authors and acquire to understand more regarding them and their blogs

Join me and the rest of the Christian members on whaleshares discord server where the show will be taken place and where you'll further learn more regarding blockchainchapel.


This show is for Christian authors to showcase their posts and for them to also promote themselves. There'll be four minutes for each author to speak about their posts and five minutes for group discussions on each post.
When you're on the server and you are unsure of what to try and do, you can call on the show host Altruistic Seyiodus (on discord) or @Stevenmosoes to direct you on what to do. We will be happy to direct you.

Don't forget the time: 2:00 PM EST or 7:00 PM GMT/UTC. we are going to be in the flamighelpers' room preparing for the show.
Don't miss the possibility to get additional votes and resteem for your post and also feedbacks about your article.

See you soon and remain blessed.

The link to flaminghelpers server:
The link to whaleshares community where the show will take place:



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