Where are all the Steemit users around the world? [OC]

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Here's a globe!

Check out the 3D view-it-yourself visualisation here.

Make sure you let it load a little, could take a minute to plot all the data

Data is obviously from the super awesome SteemSQL database - graciously developed, maintained and kept alive by @arcange, who I once again have to thank endlessly for making this and all my other data viz experiments regarding Steemit blockchain stuff.

Just started experimenting with Power BI, which is fantastic :) (Thanks for the recommendation @paulag)


  • Location data is taken from (voluntary) entries on Steemit user profiles, so it's limited in the sense that it's by far not complete and in some cases just wrong (when people lie about their location)
  • The US data is likely highly underestimated as it's not common for Americans to state their location finishing with US at the end. Furthermore, they are only marked if it says "'city', USA".
  • I purposely left out numbers in the viz to not distract - but just FYI, the voluntarily inputted data covers around 30,000 users - or just under 10% of total registered users.

If there's interest in this visualisation, I'll try to make it a live version and work on the aesthetics and presentation some more too :)

Thanks for reading! Happy steeming! ^_^

EDIT: The viz doesn't seem to work well on mobile at all - please use your laptops/desktops :)


I was really surprised at how many users there are from Bangladesh and Venezuela.
I guess Venezuela surprises me less, because they have an increasingly repressive government. Most notably, it's been very difficult for Venezuelans to retain wealth as the government has gone on a hyperinflationary money-printing spree since several years now. Makes sense that a cryptocurrency-related social media is the media of choice.

thanks for the mention, glad you are liking power bi, its such an awesome tool

Very interesting data! Thank you for the post!

I feel like we are entering into an exciting era of blockchainbi posts with richer visualization of the information about the activities. Fantastic work :)

Just looking at it again, I guess from an informational perspective, it would probably be more useful as a flat visualization of the world (rather than a globe) if the purpose is to provide a snapshot of where the highest concentration of steemit users are and perhaps have a time slider so you can see changes over time. But a really good example of how much more powerful the data becomes once you visualize it in different ways :)

You’re absolutely right. I’ll try that out ASAP :)

WaW this is really cool tool :)

If you excluded 90% can we infer anything from sampling 10%?

From a statistical point of view, 10% should give a very well representative picture.

Yeah, of course it's limited, and there might be regional biases toward publishing your true location, but I think as @sco said, it does give a statistically sound representative image.

Also, since the active user number is much lower, I can imagine that the representative figure here is higher than 10%. I think active (or real) users probably have a higher tendency to publish their location. There are a lot of account creations for the sake of registering names early (dot com rush style) or for whatever other reasons other than actively participating in the social media.

Cool graphic!

It's surprising to see how few people are from North America! I'm in Saskatchewan, Canada, and it looks like me and my husband are the only people from our province on the platform. Mind blowing.

I think that particularly users from the US are grossly understated, because it's not that common to write "City, USA", but rather "City, State" in your location. I didn't have time to filter the graph that way. But in future graphics, I'll be sure to take that into consideration.

Ah, that makes sense! I think most Canadians do list our country, but I know Americans tend not to.

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Thank you for the post! Very interesting data! Resteem~Follow~Upvote!