“SteemArena” the first game on the blockchain to Guarantee 100% Buy Back

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SteemArena is a collectible card game with provably fair gameplay. Robots will fight, break, repair and gain experience on “The Arena”. Level up your Robots to give them more power, strength, and abilities. Generate new unique looking Robots, trade them with other players and have fun playing on the Arena.

“SteemArena” is being developed on our favorite bulletproof Steem blockchain because Steem community, is what really drives game and application development forward. Blockchain gives you the right to really own your Robots, nobody can take them away from, not even Chuck Norris. With such combination, playing on “The Arena” will be interesting, and highly profitable for wise investors.

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How are you different from other games out there?

  1. “SteemArena” is the first blockchain game which Guarantees 100% Buy Back. Does not matter how many Robots you purchase, we have an account which will purchase them back at any time.

  2. “SteemArena” is also the first game, which allows you to easily sign up with Email, Facebook, or Google account and start playing without even having an account on Steemit or knowing anything about blockchain technology. This way we want to break the barrier to entrance, which most of the Blockchain games have.

Launch Steem to the Moon!

We love and support our favorite Steem Blockchain and every purchase in Bitcoin, Etherium, Dash, Dollar (credit card), etc will be automatically converted to Steem. The more people play the game the more Steem gets purchased on the market the higher the value of your cards.

We will drive social media traffic to SteemArena, which will allow users to easily sing up and in the event of playing the game to learn more about Steem blockchain.

From sketch to robot

A sneak peek of Robots in the making


Ready, set, GO!

What have we done so far:

Robots Starter packs - Our designers have worked hard days and nights to draw 20 robots each containing 5 parts (head, body, left hand, right hand, legs or wheels) and available in 4 design variations (rusty, metal, painted, superior). These robots will be randomly generated with 1+ billion variations just to get you started. You can get a robot with a head of a cat, legs made of wheels, a body of a big guy robot and arms from a warrior for example.



There will be 4 robots made exclusively as a Presale Edition, which we will show you closer to presale date.

Card Design - Robots have a card, which shows their abilities and these abilities can grow when you combine robots with the same level and when you play against other people on the arena. Robots have abilities which give them a higher chance to win. Robots shoot like a Spit Fire, punch like Chuck Norris, uppercut like Rocky, kick like Bruce Lee and launch rockets like NASA just to survive on the Arena.


Robot generation - We have a mechanism which will randomly generate robots. Each robot part head, hands, legs, and body will be randomly taken from available robots with a different material variation. It will be difficult to generate the same robot twice. All robots will be looking very unique and awesome. Right now we have robots looking like warriors, animals, big guys, some will be on wheels. Their parts will be metal, rusty, painted or made of superior material.

Here are a few examples:


Fight algorithm - fight algorithm is provably fair and can always be rechecked on the Steem Blockchain. There will be a randomizer, which will help to decide which robot hits first, which one misses a hit during this round etc. Robots abilities, strength will also help to decide who wins.

Game mechanics/gameplay - Robots can be leveled up to randomly receive additional health, aim, power or luck. These abilities will help robots win fights on the Arena. Our provably fair mechanism and randomiser will generate a fight scenario where even a low-level robot can win, but with a lower chance.

Exclusive robot cards

Only the people who sign up NOW before presale date will have a chance to buy Presale Early Access Limited Edition Cards. These cards will be unique and will only be generated during the presale, one time per each user who signs up. All scarce assets tend to have a higher market value.

All of that is coming soon to the Arena, so sign up for a newsletter and don’t miss out on all the fun. We promise not to send any spam, only the latest updates.

Bonus for early adopters

Get a chance to be part of the SteemArena history, have fun and make money in the process. If you find any bugs around we will reward you for reporting them and will smash those bugs.

Inner game card exchange

Together with our partners from Steemmonster we will build a market where cards from SteemArena and Steemmonster can be exchanged between players. In the future, we will be adding more games to the market.

How can cards gain value?

  1. Fight against other robots on the Arena you have a chance to double your robot’s level and value when you win.
  2. Cards are collectible and with each card generation, you have a chance to obtain unique looking robot with rare traits. It will actually be very rare to collect a robot made of only own parts and in one material. Funny looking robots will be valued just for their looks.
  3. Presale limited cards or themed robots (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.) will also be scarce and will only be printed once, this way you can get both rare and scarce cards. If you hold on to such cards they may get very valuable.
  4. With a 100% Guaranteed buyback robots will not lose value, because you can always sell your robots to our account for the purchase price minus commission. Commission is there so that players cannot abuse the system and just re-generate robots endlessly until they find the rarest robots.
  5. We have also implemented a process of deflation so that every time there is a fight a small percent of robot's parts will get burned. The fewer robots there are in circulation, the higher the price.

Point 5 further explained:
Let’s take a Limited Edition pack as an example. Player A and player B both buy two exclusive Limited Edition packs. For simplicity sake let’s say that there are only 2 Limited Edition robots available. They bought them for $10 each. When player A wins, he gets to keep his own robot and also receives 97 spare parts from Player B’s robot (97% of a robot) and 3% gets burned.

When we buy 3 spare parts ($0.30) for the damaged robot and repair him he will not be Limited Edition robot anymore, he will be regular edition robot. So now we are left with one last standing Limited Edition robots and a regular pack robot. All of the robots were sold for $10, but since there is only one Limited Edition robot on the market, its price should double. You can buy limited edition robots for regular price, but as they get burned and killed there will be less in supply and more in demand. Thus the price will rise.


  1. Get emails for Limited Presale Edition Cards
  2. Start the Presale
  3. Develop Marketplace
  4. Develop Gameplay visual design
  5. Make a shared Marketplace with SteemMonsters



Yuriy - A witness on Steemit, started an open source mobile application for Steemit called Steem App, currently in the process of making SteemArena. Already two years here on Steem and I love it and the community around it. Play games on Steem Blockchain such as Steem Monsters, Drugwars, and Magic Dice. Happy to see and help Steem grow, flourish and fly to the moon where it belongs.

David - Idea generator and experienced project manager in Mobile Apps, games, and crypto projects. Loves to surf and travel. Co-founder of “Steem App” and “SteemArena”.

Stig - our third founder would like to stay anonymous. Has a dev team and a lot of experience in crypto development space.

Design team

Stas Syuzev -

In charge of the logo, art, and card design

Anton -

In charge of robot design

Dev Team

The team is chosen by our “Stig” founder


People were getting confused that @aggroed and @yabapmatt are building a new game so we had to remove them from the Partners section in the post and from the website. @aggroed and @yabapmatt are our advisors and will be spending all of their time on Steem Monsters, they will be just passively helping us with advise here and there.

blocktrades.png @blocktrades - The biggest decentralised exchange for Steem. Early adopters of Steem blockchain and a respected witness on Steem. Blocktrades is our financial partner and we will be using their platform and API to exchange all crypto to Steem.
Quote: This sounds like a great project - we would be happy to be associated with it.

adsactly.png @adsactly - A community of people who are always willing to help others and to get them informed about crypto space, legal liberty, and financial liberty. ADSToshi is the person who hosts very informative Hangouts. Join their discord here. By the way, ADSACTLY stands for “Autonomous Decentralized Society Acting Cooperatively to Leverage You!”
Adsactly is our partner as well and a long supporter of all of our projects.

utopian.png @utopian - Best supporters of Open Source projects, especially for Steem projects. Well done Diego, thank you for supporting us. Now starting their great new website, go and check it out here https://colony.utopian.io/. If you can please support their fundraising on Indiegogo

Contact us

Discord: https://discord.gg/utSHjmR
Telegram: https://t.me/steemarena
Email: [email protected]

Brought to you by @yuriks2000, your loyal Steemit Witness team and a CEO of BoomApps developing SteemApp, a completely free app for Steemians

Please consider voting for witnesses involved

@yuriks2000, @aggroed, @yabapmatt, @adsactly-witness, @blocktrades, @utopian

Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses

Or vote for us through steemconnect

To visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter just click on the image below



I just want to be very clear that they have asked aggroed and myself to be advisors on their project, and we advise many new game projects on the platform as we want to see lots of game apps be successful here.

We are not involved in the development or design of the game in any way and are completely focused on the success of Steem Monsters.

Thank you for clarifying that! We have our own separate designers and developers to work on Steem Arena.

@yabapmatt and @aggroed have to keep on doing what they are doing with Steem Monsters, because we all love to play Steem Monsters. Guys, you are awesome! We are glad to have you as our advisors.

Yeah man it was really not cool of you to include them in here as if they are some direct partner

ALSO You are clearly CLEARLy not ready to launch a game on Steem if your at all involved wiuth the Known scammers called Adsactly. Even stoodkev was smart enough to take their tainted name off his steemplus browser extension, you really should get that scammers name off your project if you want to be treated seriously, and no matter how much money a scammer throw at you, you cant take it.

They are our direct partners, but not our direct developers or designers. They are partners who will not take part in development or design process but will help with their experience and advice. Hope that it makes things more clear.

Why would you say Adsactly is scammers? Do you have any kind of proof?

yes ask @fyrstikken about adsactly and Mica Wallace. You dont get known as a scammer and make enemies all around the world without a good reason ;)

hey but great game i love the development and I hope you good luck! I hope my comment doesnt detract from this fact that I am all for your steem dveelopment

Where the developers in this anounce?

They would really like to be anonymous for now. If they decide otherwise, we will share them in the next posts. Are you a dev @shenan?

What kind of developers and designers want to be annonymous!?

Those restricted by their marketing departments, secrecy can lead to major hype. Look at Apex as an example of a game that was secret one minute then exploded the next.

Nice try 15 rep throwaway account :D

Great point but completely irrelevant when it comes to this LOL

But I wish you the best of luck and hope the game dveelopment adds value to steem's pool of knowledge about MAKINg games

Theers a LOt fo cool stuff we shoudl do with @dlux-io and @disregardfiat

Just one of the founders and head of dev department. Many people who are involved with Crypro want to stay anonymous.

I'm a crypto-gamer now & tester)
Wrote you smth in Telegram PM

Very great to hear (read) that!
'Cos so many improvements (and some fixes) the Steem Monsters need even more.
Even if Steem Monsters now seems good and comfortable game - we wanna more!))

Thanks for a great game for us! Voted 100% and resteem for 47,000 followers!

Wow, thank you for your support! So great to have so much feedback. This is exactly what we need to lunch the game

Posted using Partiko iOS

I have got to say something here and I am saying this out of love, because I am all up for new and cool games on this blockchain, but please don't start this project the way drugwars started it. Learn from their mistakes. One of the most unprofessional things they did at the start is making a non-native speaking English person do all of their communication, which rapidly led to a lot of frustration. If you don't have the funds to hire someone to proofread or even better to do the communication itself, find more funds or find someone who is willing to do it for a delayed fee or something. Please.

All the best. T.

Thank you for your help and advice. In our next post we will be making an announcement to get creative people to join us and help with proofreading, writing texts, design and new ideas. This is a community project and we want to get people involved.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Yeah, no worries, I want people to succeed in their endeavours and I am sure that if you do this right, the right people will help out. I subscribed to your email list, so I am curious as to how this will develop. All the best.

Thanks, will keep in touch 👍

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https://steem-arena.com is not reachable, there seems to be a problem with the DNS entry.
Can you check ?

Sound like a great project

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks, will keep you posted!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Submit to SteemArena to Dapp.com...? Would love to have you there!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks for the invite! Will do

Posted using Partiko iOS

Looking forward to it!

Posted using Partiko iOS

I'm excited to hear about your project.
I just have a few questions.

“SteemArena” is also the first game, which allows you to easily sign up with Email, Facebook, or Google account and start playing without even having an account on Steemit or knowing anything about blockchain technology.

How is that possible to play the game without having a Steem Account? When all Robots and items need to be stored on the Blockchain?

Together with our partners from Steemmonster we will build a market where cards from SteemArena and Steemmonster can be exchanged between players. In the future, we will be adding more games to the market.

This sounds amazing so you want to create a common marketplace for Steemmonster cards, Robots and potentially other games as well? Its hard for me to imagine how you want to compare all this different digital assets but its great to see that you guys are working together.

When will your presale start?
How much will presale card packs cost?
And when are you planning to launch the Game?

Good luck and much success with this new Project!

Thank you for good questions @masterthematrix

How is that possible to play the game without having a Steem Account? When all Robots and items need to be stored on the Blockchain?

Easy. You can sign up with email and we will have a separate account which will do all the actions for such accounts on the blockchain. Once the player is ready to get a Steem account, we will transfer his assets to the newly created account. Everything will always be recorded on the blockchain.

This sounds amazing so you want to create a common marketplace for Steemmonster cards, Robots and potentially other games as well? Its hard for me to imagine how you want to compare all this different digital assets but its great to see that you guys are working together.

Will not be that difficult, because the market will always know the price and players will be allowed to swap cards and also add some steem if cards are not equal in value.

When will your presale start?
How much will presale card packs cost?
And when are you planning to launch the Game?

Can't set a final date right now. Got to Sign up for newsletter and we will email you more info as soon as we have the development estimate. The prices will be in Steem, but we have not decided on the price yet. It will be affordable of course.

seems way too complicated and easier to just pay to set up an account for the user, why go through all thge trouble of keeping a META account for them and worry about transferring that to their eventual steem account they need anyway? I mean thats gonna be open to so much gamification and exploiting... I feel liek you shouldnt be a business if you cant afford the very small fee per person to create an account, HERES a solution for you, Just have the first 1% of the game require no account, and then, if they actually pass teh first few levels and you weed out serious players THEN they get a steem account

Interesting idea @ackza, thanks for the advice. Will take it into consideration!

I agree!!👍👹🙋

Oh yes, GO DEVS!
Being a Dev i'm also working on some good projects and i really appreciate these kind of developments.. Specially

“SteemArena” is also the first game, which allows you to easily sign up with Email, Facebook, or Google account and start playing without even having an account on Steemit or knowing anything about blockchain technology. This way we want to break the barrier to entrance, which most of the Blockchain games have.

That's an actual great news, this will really enable game boi users to explore the blockchain, I mean why not will they be interested in the Thing which is Giving them Profits for PLaying!

Well, I'm looking forward to Take Part in it.. Thanks!

Thanks a lot @ah-2002 for the kind words, from developer to developer.
Yeah, we saw that as a big problem for people to start playing when you can't sing up with just your email. Would be cool to see the analytics about people signing up who don't know anything about blockchain.

See you in the game!

Uhh yeah its not really a Blockchain based game if you dont need a blockchain account to play, is it? Sorry but you cant just login with google and expect us to take it seriously as a real blockchain base dgame. if its a serious game you can afford to create accounts for your players, liek steem monsters and even they pretty much have the money to subsidize every new user who is sincerely interested in polayong, something hard to measure and the amount of third world scammers on steem really ruins what could have otherwise been a really nice place for new users... but untill Ned goes back to subsidizing instant new accounts, or finds a way to comb out the scammers, then you will need a new steem account and you cant just sign in with google or facebook or email, that defeats the whole purpose of a blocklchain based game, who would want to play when you teh developers can just change anything about my account in your game ? also my steem monsters account can be forked for any fork of steem monsters, etc etc, i really dont see a need to let non steem users in, especially until you actually show me some real demand for the game more than the steem user base then we can talk

uhhhh if either of you wanna be taken seriously as game developers for blockchain you should at least ask an English speaking friend to go over your Press Release which you paid over $200 just to post.... Its strange that you couldn't take the time to have a native English speaker proof read.

Why not stick to launching things in your native language until then?

All actions will be recorded on the blockchain, not matter how you register. If you register with Steem, you get to publish the json from your own account to the blockchain so that you really own your own assets. If you register with email we will publish jsons from our account, until that user creates an account on Steem and publishes it in Steem Arena account. Then we will transfer all his assets to Steem account. It's really not that difficult.

Thank you for your kind advice.

Any plans to use your account as an incubation account? So people could basically earn their Steem account by playing the game.

Nice idea, will try to integrate it

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Ok Ok Sounds Good, Im glad youre trying to make a game on steem, I was just testing you and making sure you could answer the hard questions, aes steem has a little much of a YesMan syndrome which can harm us, we need to take advantage of social media for its more useful feature WHICH IS the HARSH critcicism which can be the most constructive.

Always prepare to face your harshest Anti steem critics like the Bitcoin Maximalists liek Tone Vays etc

Thank you. I agree, comments with criticism tend to give a lot of benefits and makes you really think and sometimes come up with new ideas and ways to solve problems.

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Love to see more games are being develop for the Steem blockchain. I can't wait tosee the finish product. Good luck to you guys!

Thanks a lot @yuki-nee for your kind words and wishes. We love the Steem blockchain and would be thrilled to make a cool game for everyone here.

you probably have a typo in the robot parts, as you have no arms in it an have legs 3 times 😀
love the idea. hope it will come alive.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks to you, have corrected the mistake. We will do our best to make it happen

Posted using Partiko iOS

Looking sooo forward to this! Kudos 🙌🔥🔥

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Loving your enthusiasm! Thanks for your support!

Hi @yuriks2000

Amazing concept here, this steemarena's robot design reminds me of the good old time cartoon "Medabots" :D

PS: By the way, there's a typo in this phrase

Exclusive robot cards
Only the people who "sing" up NOW before presale date will have a chance to buy Presale Early Access Limited Edition Cards.

Isn't it should be "sign" instead of "sing"? (Unless, your robots can sing in the game :D)

All the best to Steemarena!

Hehe, thanks a lot. Will correct the mistake!

The project looks solids. The design original. I will subscribe to this game. Do you guy plan to build a coin attached to game and base at steemengin market?

Excellent, would love to gave you onboard! Yes, we are planning to do that, and players with such coins will have additional benefits.

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I will join after the launch cause not enougth crypto. However, I will promote the best I can your gaming platform.

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Soo cool :) !tipuvote 2.4 steem

Wow, thanks a lot @cardboard. So nice of you to support us!

Subscribed! something i will definitely invest in when the opportunity arises

Wow, sounds great! Will be glad to see you in the game! Will keep you posted

Wow, sounds great! Will be
Glad to see you in the game!
Will keep you posted

                 - yuriks2000

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you
That is lovely!

Hooo Leee Crapp

I am so excited

Hehe, nice comment! We are also so exited!

Надеюсь мой русский будет Вам понятный. приятно видеть потенциальных русскоговорящих разработчиков. Я в теме. надеюсь не прийдется разрываться между роботами и сплинтерландом.

Рады видеть Вашу заинтересованность в игре. Да, думаю мы совместно с Сплинтерландом придумаем пару интересных фишек по мимо общего рынка обменом карточек.

Сам люблю поиграть в блокчейн игры, другие уже даже не интересны. По мимо сплинтерланд играю еще в drugwars.io . Надеюсь, что получиться разрабатывать СтимАрену совместно с обществом Steem. Узнать, что больше нравиться и т.д. Может найдем тут пару талантливых дизайнеров.

drugwars.io это не игра, это пирамида на основе блокчейна. Давайте не путать, мне самому как разработчику интерес ваш проект. Мы тоже планируем запуск на стим. Монстры показали, что площадка стим, гостеприимная к разработчикам игр.
Лучше сразу скажите, если стремитесь по пути нарковойн. Чтобы я не тратил на вас время и деньги.

Концепт будет отличаться от drugwars, наш больше похож на стиммонстров, CryptoKitties. Мы не собираемся делать пирамиду ))

Posted using Partiko iOS

И то радует. Хватит уже пирамид со стима. И так куча хороших инвесторов потеряли деньги на них. А могли бы в хорошие игры вложится)))

Это да, и я рад, что был одним из первых в этой пирамиде и внес около 10 стимов, которые отбил раза в 4 большей суммой. Но, жаль тех, кто повлаживал 1000 стимов и массу времени.

Скажем так, я вложил около 40 стимов и получил так же в 4 раза больше. А еще я всем подсказывал как это делать в телеге. Но действительно жаль топов. Сам уже даже не захожу в игру. Ибо время жаль тратить.

🎁 Dear @antonio.vlasov,

SteemBet Seed round SPT sale is about to start in 2 days!

When our started the development of SteemBet Dice game, we couldn’t imagine that our game would go so viral and that SteemBet would become one of the pioneers in this field.

In order to give back to our beloved community, we’ll distribute 4000 STEEM to SPT holders immediately after Seed sale. Plus, investors in this earliest round will be given 60% more tokens as reward and overall Return on Investment is estimated at 300%!

Join the whitelist on SteemBet webiste now and start investing! Feel free to ask us anything on Discord https://discord.gg/tNWJEAD


@yuriks2000, Waiting for the SteemArena to start and sounding potential game and specifically the point of collaboration with Steemmonsters in future is reflecting great step. Keep up team.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeah, we will think of some cool features to add in the future with Steem Monsters. Just want to clarify, because many people get confused. @aggroed and @yabapmatt will be focusing on Steem Monsters and will only advise our project. They will not be involved in development or design, etc.

Ok. Hope that their advise will help in the growth of this platform.

It sure will, they are experts and we are glad to have their help!

Yes. Good to hear that.

This looks soo gooood!
The uniqueness and the option to level up your robots can generate great value.
I am hyped 100%. Keep us updated, please :)

Excellent! Thanks you for nice feedback!

Awesome! I signed up!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks a lot @rubenalexander! By the way, nice T-shirt!

Thanks! I need to make more. I have lots of options thanks to processing.

Registering now. Can’t wait to get involved. :)

Posted using Partiko iOS

Glad to have you onboard @mazzle! Will keep in touch

Given how addicted I am to Steem Monsters/Splinterlands I'm sure I will get hooked with this as well. :)

Great! Will see you there. Hope you did not forget to sing up for newsletter to receive early access privilages and chance to participate in presale.

Read about SteemArena for the first time today. Super thing. Also that you bring cool features with Steemmonsters, I like. Thanks for this interesting information!

Thanks fo your support! If you want to be informed and to have the opportunity to have early access sign up on our website. We are both blockchain games, will be nice to think of ways to make it more fun for everyone.

Shut up! and take my money!!!

LOL, really funny comment!

Your game looks great and you're saying all the right stuff. Signed up to the newsletter.
Now I wait....

Thanks a lot @just2random! Will see you there!

It sounds like it could be an interesting game. I really like the artwork.

Thank you very much, our artists will be pleased to read you comment!

Can I play it for free ? When is the game launching ? Can I earn steem playing the game ?

Posted using Partiko Android

Can I play it for free?
No, like in any other blockchain game you need to buy an asset to play. Like Cryptokitties or Steem Monsters/ Splinterlands.
When is the game launching ?
We have not set a final date yet, but if you sing up for the newsletter we will let you know and you will get the benefits of early access and presale.
Can I earn steem playing the game?
You will get a chance to earn internal tokens and trade them on Steem Engine. We are also thinking about upvoting players who share their fights, so technically you will be able to earn Steem.

How much do you think will be needed to invest. What's the minimum and what is a good investment ?

Posted using Partiko Android

We have not decided on robot prices yet, but right now I would say that $10 would be minimum, and $1000+ optimal, because the more share you have in Presale edition cards the more influence and value you will get. Not financial advice, just an assumption based on observation and personal experience.

Posted using Partiko iOS

👹🙋 All ready loving Steem Monsters / Splinterlands which I am addicted to and im sure this new Steem Arena game is going to be awesome!! how cool it is going to be to have 2 awesome card games that can be played , shared , traded etc and to have advisors like @yabapmatt and @aggroed im sure it will be a huge success! Just signed up for your news letter!
🙋👹 Upped and resteemed to spread the word, I will be checking more closely into this game that I cant wait to be part of!! Best of luck @yuriks2000 moving forward!!
👹🙋 Steem Arena will be LEGENDARY like Steem Monsters!

Wow, amazing comment, thanks. Love to see you onboard and would be cool to see you in the game. Yeah, two or more awesome card games would be really cool on Steem blockchain. The more the better.

Posted using Partiko iOS

I totally agree!! The more the Merrier!!👍😂

Posted using Partiko Android

I like card games.
I am already on steemmonsters and i really enjoy it.
All this different robots parts looks good but there is a problem.

There is not any robot nor even an epic one that can pounce like Chuck Norris

Pray to God and hope that Chuck Norris will not read your post.

Its late i will check steem-arena tomorrow

Hehehe, I started praying right after posting the article ;))

Of course robots want to be like Chuck, but it’s impossible to be him.

Right now we are collecting emails and as soon as we have updates regarding the presale date, we will email you.

Posted using Partiko iOS

I just really hope that the game will be fair enough on all levels and not only on those who invested monetarily the most.

That is one of our goals, to make it as fair as possible. It will be provably fair as well.

Yes! I don't think I know any other game that uses provably fair mechanism for all randomization aside gambling. Most mainstream game doesn't even provide provably fair mechanism for verifying their paid lootboxes. Who knows if they falsify the chances? Kudos for you guys and good luck!

Wow, didn’t know about that. Thanks for your kind words. We really want to make a nice game for everyone to enjoy.

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My Steem Power = 20871.17
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

This new project looks very interesting and attractive. I will be pending. Thanks for the information. I will subscribe. Successes!

Thanks a lot, will keep you informed @josemalavem! Steem ON!

ohh is amazing game , wonderful for steemit aap have a great day

Thanks, @angeltirado! Have a great day, too!

When are you planning to start your sale?

Don’t know the exact date right now, but if you sign up for our newsletter we will let you know right away.

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Or I could use Steem. It has a fun ability to show me things in a feed. And IF I hear lots of buzz about it then I'll know you did something awesome. Which I hope you do. So what are your plans for market place?

We are planning on making a market where people can interchange cards between games together with Steem Monsters, but that will be later down the road after we develop the game.

By the way, if you sing up, you will get early access and ability to participate in the presale. Only the ones who leave their email will get that chance. 1 email gets a chance to buy Presale robots once.

You're really pushing hard this email collection thing eh? Well I hope your marketing is as agressive outside of steem as inside. We need a game that focuses on marketing. It's something steemmonsters never did very well. They focused on making money on the same group of people over and over.

Also let others help with the market trading stuff ... focus on marketing and a solid game. That's my advice. Or will you have a closed market system?

Thanks, we are trying our best to get Steemians to participate and after that planning to get traffic outside of Steem, too. Instagram ads is our next goal, what channel do you think is best to get outside traffic?

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I really can’t say right now but if you sign up for our newsletter will let you know right away.

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When is the game lunching?

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Have not set a final date yet. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news, updates and early access privileges

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This looks great! I subscribed to the newsletter!

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Thanks, and steem on!

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Seems like a good game

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Thank you for your feedback, nice to hear.

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Hi Yuriks, Amazing post. Thanks for sharing. Sending blessings your way!

You probably mentioned it somewhere and I did not see the answer but how do I sign up to get a robot? Thanks.

Right now we are getting people to subscribe and after that we will set a presale date for people to buy Presale edition robots. Sign up for a newsletter and we will email you the details as soon as everything is ready.

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Sounds promising, but will you also release an app for IOS in the appstore?

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Sorry for late reply, so many comments and not a lot of time to answer. But really cool that we received so much feedback.

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Yeah, that will be awesome, but first we have got to launch on a website. Later on I would be thrilled to launch it on the app store.

That you started thinking about it is fair enough for me.

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It is in our plans, but first things first, got to complete the web version. Both Android and iOS are something that pushes the games forward.

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Thank you, @steem-ua!!!

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This is wonderful news. That is why I call Steem the blockchain of opportunities.

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Yeah! Really like your saying, “Steem the blockchain of opportunities”. Thank you for your support!

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This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News in 10 posts - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

Wow, amazing! Thank you!

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When player A wins, he gets to keep his own robot and also receives 97 spare parts from Player B’s robot (97% of a robot) and 3% gets burned.

In other words: if I lose a battle I lose money?

By the way there is a typo in your text:

  • "Each robot part body, hands, legs, and body will be randomly taken from available robots with a different material variation."

What about the head? :)

And in the image

"Metal" and "Painted" look exactly the same ...

@jaki01, thank you for pointing it out! You have had a thorough read. I like it! Yeah, good point on some robots it is more obvious than on the others. For example, on our dragonfly robot, it looks more obvious. We might repaint them a bit in the future so that they look different. Thanks for your advice, that is what I like about this community, we can receive a lot of critical feedback.


Thanks Sir!

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congratulation on starting the project on steem ! account always ready to buy back sound interesting! lets moon STEEM =) another option to cross promote users from outside steem and existing steem users. Tapping on steemmonster and blocktrades is a smart move ! probably they can tied up something like a jump start pack for game developers to jumpstart faster on steem chain.

🚀 🌕

Moon your steem everyday ! Instant Dividend payout after every game.WIN 458+ STEEM every round. FREE Player Upvote worth $1.21 every 2.5hr moonSTEEM.com

Ultimate investor's dapp : No 'mining' of token, invest direct in house bankroll and get profit share up to 75%

Thank you for you kind words! Already playing moonSteem )) thanks

When will the game be released?

Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, one of the founders and also the lead developer stopped to show any interest in the project. So now we are left with the idea, the design and the gameplay, but we can’t move further until we find a replacement. By the way, do you know any devs who might be interested?

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This project is now listed on SteemProjects. It's also included in weekly update post!

Good news, thank you!

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How do we get involved seems the site is down at the moment?

Sorry my bad, just fixed it. The website: https://steemarena.com

All good thank you thumbs 👍

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it was very interseting game .thanks for sharing this post

Yeah, it will be! Thanks

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