Blockchain Israel Academy Launches with MSFT, IBM

in #blockchain2 years ago (edited)

Here's my take on the discussion I had with Blockchain Israel's Founder & CEO, Yael Rozencwajg, last week (published over the weekend).

For those of you who just want to watch the video and not read the article about it, here's the YouTube video:

In short, Rozencwajg covered a wide variety of topics all related to the #blockchain and how #BlockchainIsrael is helping to evolve the ecocsystem for developers, innovators, industry, institutions and more.

Some of the ways that the organization is doing this is through #blockchainmeetups and their newly launched #BlockchainAcademy which is being done in partnership with Microsoft, IBM and an impressive group of leading blockchain entities.

For those of you who may wish to share it on other social media, etc., here's an image taken from the video:

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