Blockchain and Profit

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Hello! Well, there's a lot to write about blockchain tech and how people have profited from it in the last couple of years. The startups, ICOs (initial coin offerings), exchanges and supporting businesses have seen incredible trends in monetary gain. These are the major trends, and there are other options linked to these in profiting from the blockchain technology and ecosystem.

To begin with, making money in and of itself shouldn't necessarily be your driving force in profiting from this technology, it is good to know that you can actually gain from it. You will need to be patient and strategic as with any other kind of business because it won't be overnight. Goals such as self-development and community impact should be greater motivators, shouldn't they?

Blockchain Architecture
If you are great with coding, software/application development and building on various blockchain protocols such as Ethereum, Hyperledger and EOS, among others, you are in high demand, as various companies and governments seek sustainable technological solutions for development and enterprise.

Blockchain Ecosystem Consultants
Are you well versed in the pros/cons of blockchain technology, its applicability, shortfalls, how it can improve enterprise and the strategies of its implementation? Can you use your skills of analysis, induction, forecasting and building models? People need reliable and professional counsel, advice and clarification about how this ecosystem works. Are you a researcher, investment analyst, financial manager, business development or strategic management consultant? This is an exciting field in which to explore the strengths of research and strategy.

Arts and Media
There is a ton of information in the blockchain space about startups, developments and various initiatives. Filtering through the information can be quite tedious for readers just getting to know the space, and that is an opportunity for people in the creative economy. Firms seeking creative branding, story coverage, photo and video documentation, merchandise representation and such are ready to gain from your skills, so get those creative juices going for various concepts.

It goes without saying that a good product can remain as just that without proper marketing. There are myriads of products built on blockchain protocols that are yet to reach their intended market; some are in development and others are still at prototype level. Knowing how the products work, whom they can serve best and how to sell the value proposition are important in getting successful marketing campaigns for the different blockchain products and services being developed, proposed and released.

Education and Training
In order to meet the demand of skill in this space, various initiatives targeting various groups of people are in place to educate, train and build capacity in people to be proficient in this ecosystem. Various courses are tailored to specific areas of skill such as coding, and cryptocurrency trading; each designed at various levels, such as beginner or intermediate. You could gain as an accredited educator/trainer and as a proficient student having gone through these courses.

In all these categories, there are subcategories and other opportunities. You may want to consider a simple adjustment in your career to accommodate these options or a total career change; what matters most is your overall productivity and satisfaction in the choice you uphold. These aren't the only ones, and I will be glad to be on the lookout for exciting opportunities emerging from this ecosystem. Make it about impact, not just money, and profit will follow.

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