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20 years ago, the Internet was for geeks and business did not understand what this technology is good for. Today the world is more than ever dependent on the internet: databases, websites and email. You cannot buy even a plane ticket without the internet. Experts are sure that a blockchain will follow the internet path.

The internet appeared in our daily life only in the late 20th century. The technology was complicated and the connection was slow. There were no specialists, and virtually there were no spheres of application. Few people understood why humanity needs the internet as long as there is a phone and a fax. The technology of a distributed registry burst into media a couple of years ago, and everyone started talking about a new revolution and compared the emergence of a blockchain with the creation of the internet. What is common between these revolutionary technologies:

Technology. The internet was very slow, as was the current speed of transactions in blockchain. Today we almost do not use the software written in the end of 90-s. The ideas remain, but practical implementations have to go through many iterations to be applied massively.

Applications. Very few people understand what the blockchain technology is. When the internet appeared, many could not understand why it is needed for “sending some emails”.

Legislation. Like blockchain technologies, the use of the internet was absolutely not under law. The legislation is always lagging behind life. The reasoning about the legal status of the internet in those years left a head of almost any lawyer spinning, a similar situation now occurs with a blockchain.

Denial. In those days and now there is a world of retrogrades who says it is all nonsense. Why internet, if there is a phone and fax, or mail at the last. There was little useful information about the internet in the media at that time as well as about a blockchain now. 20 years ago, no one could imagine the opportunity to store data in the cloud or edit documents collaboratively using Google disk.

Scammers. A huge amount of scammers both in the internet in the late 90-s and around a blockchain today. Dot-com bubble and numerous scam-projects around a blockchain. The market did not understand how to evaluate online companies as well as blockchain projects. Giants like Amazon and Google emerged from that chaos.

After 20 years, the aforementioned problems of internet application were successfully solved by the society, and nobody ever comes to thinking that the internet is only for geeks or swindlers. Internet is a breakthrough in the information transfer, functionally powerful system that has really changed life. Blockchain changes the way this information is stored, ensures the safety and security of data. There is no right to oblivion.

Blockchain is impossible without the internet. However, what if a blockchain helps the internet to become more useful? Undoubtedly, you can find everything in the internet, and marketers unceremoniously make use of it. Nowadays the advertising will find you everywhere: mail, social networks, news sites. World Wi-Fi Company has found a compromise between sellers and buyers by providing desired advertisements. The World Wi-Fi platform is a decentralized network of advertisers, router owners and network consumers united by a blockchain. Each router owner can distribute free Wi-Fi, give a guest access to other users. Regular users watch a short ad when connecting to the internet, and then use it for free. In return, the owners of the equipment receive a reward for broadcasting advertising. All data on the conducted advertising campaigns are recorded in a blockchain, and the payment is made automatically using smart contracts.


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