I think that really depends. They all have something different to offer. You have to pick what works for you. That might be different for everyone.

Not when it come to profit and investing. One will do better then the others
As a blog platform I agree, what workers for you.

Yeah, at this time, STEEM is the frontrunner, but I'd say that has more to do with the blockchain than with Steemit. Steemit Inc. was smart to pivot toward a focus on Dapps. That will keep the value coming to the blockchain and allow developers to build something that will do better than Steemit. Currently, Steemit is in decline, but it's still in the lead. That could change at any time.

any new app that comes along takes the people from steemit mostly. so the decline is expected. steemit has not had an update in a long time making the platform easier to use.

the RC is a major factor for Steem . and a good development.

STEEM is the most important item no matter the platform.

Yeah, STEEM ties it all together. I hope we see a lot of new dapps roll of the blockchain. That will increase the value of STEEM. There's no reason STEEM's value should be derived solely from Steemit.

STEEM's value should be derived solely from Steemit

Totally agree and the more dapps the more demand on steem.

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