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With the advent of technology and internet, many industries are getting reformed and adapting to the latest technology. For example, almost majority of the people in the world are communicating with their friends and family using a mobile phone. Traditional landlines have become obsolete. Because of the high-speed internet, users are moving towards online streaming subscription services to watch the latest content instead of the traditional dish based TV channel providers.

So, the energy consumption of a household is getting increased every year and they are paying high energy bills as they don't have the freedom to change their energy providers. Even though many systems are upgraded to the latest technology, the format of your monthly energy statements remains the same. Can you get an estimate of the average daily consumption from your utility bill? Does your utility provide an Android or iOS app? The answer will be most likely a 'No'. Because most of the utilities provide only the information about the total energy consumption for that month and the bill amount that needs to be paid. It doesn't provide any other metrics about the daily consumption.

How to make your energy bills more comprehensive and user-friendly? Check out the innovative blockchain based platform named RED-P(Restart Energy Democracy Platform) that is being developed by the company named Restart Energy, located in Romania. The main features of the platform are given below:

Switching energy providers

RED-P allows the customers to easily change their energy providers online within 5 minutes. There will not be any interruption of electricity because of switching. The consumers can easily compare the tariffs of different energy providers and choose the best one among them.

Wireless meter

The consumers can view the energy consumption at any point in time as the energy meter can be easily accessed through wireless networks.

Simple invoice

RED platform aims to provide a simple invoice in such a way that it will be easily understood even by a nontechnical person.

Cost reduction

As the platform allows the consumers to buy energy directly from the producers, the intermediate layers are eliminated which will result in reduced cost to the consumers.

Customer service

Restart Energy is planning to provide 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, and email.

Trading exchange

RED-P allows the users to buy, sell and trade energy with other members of the platform.

Mobile app

The platform is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

To learn more information about the RED platform, please visit the Bounty and the ANN threads. How will a consumer or an energy producer get access to the platform? They need to hold the special type of token named RED MWAT for accessing the platform. These tokens are based on Ethereum standard ERC20 that will be available for sale during the token sale event of the company. Kindly visit https://restartenergy.io/ to learn the latest information about the pricing, availability, and sale of RED MWAT token and join the Telegram group.

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