Why is the blockchain difficult?

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Many people ask a lot about "what is the blockchain?". But the answer to the question is very trite. The blockchain is a technique that creates " A decentralized ledger that is automatically synchronized."

Next, you will be asked the following questions "What is decentralization?". And endless questions and answers will be going on for a while. If you are a programmer or an skillful investor, you can be understanding more quickly about blockchain with your own perspective. However, most general people find it difficult to understand what a blockchain is.

Of course, there are many unfamiliar concepts and terms, and it is not easy to understand the principles of blockchain at once. But basically, it seems that it lacks the data to explain the core of the block chain well.

If you search a blockchain on google, you will find that unfamiliar terms and principles such as double hashing, consensus algorithm. It is not easy for most people to study these specific principles. It is likely that you need data that explains the core principles of the blockchain in a way that is easy to understand.

What is the subject that anyone can easily understand and sympathize with without needing additional explanation? And what is the main topic of the blockchain?

As a result of that thinking, I came to the idea that I could explain the core of the blockchain by human relationship and love. It is easier for anyone to understand the blockchain more easily if the core principles of the blockchain is explained by human relationship that don't require additional explanation.

I am going to start a "blockchain learning with human relationship and love" series rather than a hard explanation with a strange term.


Sounds complicated lol

I am curious to read more because this article just touches a tiny bit.
I imagine blockchains like different communities with many little entities holding each other to become one. If one would let go, the whole block would come down and crush! That's decentralized!
One trusts the other......

Yeah, even after intensive research into blockchains, the complication is immense, i still don't get half the concepts after a month...

I think, whenever explaining new concepts, it's important to point out similarities to something else that the person may already know about.

So maybe, when explaining blockchains, we can point out the similarities to say, how a bank updates its books at the end of the day to ensure that every branch has the latest balances and transaction histories of people's accounts?

That also is somewhat more difficult to understand, but i think it's better than just using abstract terms that make it even more confusing.

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I too have searched on Google and YouTube for a layperson's explanation on the blockchain but everything I found seems very complicated.

So I am looking forward to your series @wans

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Blockchain very good post to your sharing!
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Sound so hard....I swear

I am agree on the last sentence..great.

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