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You already know that a cryptocurrency exchange is there to ease the process of trading on digital assets. You also know that it takes some time before most transactions on such platforms are facilitated. It is also not a secret that you need to pay attention to all the trading signals before you start trading. That is because the digital asset market is very volatile and can fluctuate without notice.

Now, many digital asset traders have been looking for a way to create passive income using their digital assets. The quest is not unconnected to the fact that trading on digital assets is a huge risk and you need some financial backups so you don’t get worse hit when the market starts fluctuating. The financial backups you need may be coming through the LIQIO cryptocurrency exchange, which has rose to become one of the first digital asset trading platforms to reward or pay its token holders.

Are you wondering how possible it is to make some money just by holding a crypto token, especially that of a cryptocurrency exchange? It may seem like fairy tale but LIQIO got you covered. Read on to find out how possible it is.


I hope you know that a cryptocurrency exchange has different sources of income. The most significant is the trading fees the exchange generates from traders. Most times, those fees are left at the mercy of the cryptocurrency exchange because the funds are barely used for the benefits of the traders. It is for that reason that the LIQIO cryptocurrency exchange opted to distribute the dividends of the funds it accrues over a specific time.

It is interesting to know that the dividends in question would be shared on 50-50 basis. It implies that the platform (the LIQIO cryptocurrency exchange) would keep half of the dividends (50%) while the other half (50%) would be issued to the token holders. It is also pertinent to note that the dividends would only be issued to those traders who make use of or have the LQO Tokens in their custodies.


You don’t have to wonder for long about how you can lend your voice or contribute to the growth of the platform. As a user-oriented cryptocurrency exchange, LIQIO wants you to have your say and air your views at all times. Interestingly, the power to make decisions or vote in the broader LIQIO DAO ecosystem is exclusive to those traders that have the exchange’s native currency – the LIQIO (LQO) Tokens in their custody.

It is with hose tokens that voting rights are entrusted on the traders. Also, the voting is patterned in a way that a vote attracts spending 1 LQO Tokens. The more votes you make, the more LQO Tokens you spend.


On the LIQIO cryptocurrency exchange, you would be trading on your favourite digital assets and making money at the same time. More so, you also get to vote using the LQO Tokens.








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