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The useful IoT devices are known to be very useful but are hardly made available for enterprises due to the high cost usually attached to getting them. That has made so many enterprises unable to make use of them neither were they able to improve without them. The only way that can be helped is if peradventure, the public ledger is able to implement structures to enhance the easy use or provision of these infrastructures so that accessing it can become possible and so that the pace of growth of enterprises that seek to have them to grow can be accelerated. This is the real intention of Hawk platform, just as the world is lacking the solutions to the use of IoT, Hawk plans to lead interested users and entities on to adopt them and have their performance transformed.


This is a vast ecosystem that uses the best infrastructures of the digital space and its computing power to make enterprises have access to the new generation of IoT structures that are more efficient in operations and very affordable. Since it is dealing with a very high tech, it really needs the intelligent data of the cryptocommunity and other necessary structures needed to achieve the same goal. For this reason, it is hoping to perfect the transformation of the latest economic world to come about the security of data and making sure all users have access to data that have the potential of global transformation.

This ecosystem has its source from a standard UB Group in Canada which is also an establishment which controls IoT on a large scale and is having a great number of users in their millions. That is what powers the Hawk ecosystem and by that it is able to raise a strong team that could build on the existing structure digitally using the 5G tech and making it possible for the lastest generation to harness the IoT world much more better than how the past generation has done so that a new level of improvement can be achieved.



Big data is involved in this ecosystem as they are going to be distrubuted from one location to another and also used for the node devices that form a part of the system.

It functions with a brilliant edge computing model that will also permit the use of other useful devices that would play great roles in the platform.

The smartcontracts that readily serve the interest of the project are provided to have a standard working templetes and interface that can really enhance rhe development of the network through such programmable feature that would also enhance the interface.

The required smart devices that completes the system and the basic calculations is present in great level and would be used as the main data for the smart devices. That is what actually make the calculation complete and cause the major data connection.

Hawk possesses an intelligent terminal node which adds up to its decentralised nature to make it fully secured and safe from unnecessary tampering.

Hawk has become a trusted network based on the trusted edge computing it features and a very reliable intelligent terminal which makes it all perfect for its special services.



Owing to the very fact that so many companies rely on the blockchain for their effective operation, this platform improves their activities and makes them able to develop more on the IoT devices. That will improve the crypto economy even as special partners are introduced to form a solid network which will go a long way in assisting this platform to come about its goals.

Website: https://hawk.cool/
Whitepaper: https://hawk.cool/HAWK%20WP-EN0622.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5175545.msg52160373#msg52160373/
Telegram: https://t.me/HawkGlobalGroup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hawk_HKC/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hawk.hkc/

Bitcointalk Username: Waltermeks
Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2576323


I love to see how everyday more and more projects pup up leveraging the blockchain technology to create awesome infrastructures such as this one. If it could be done in a mass scale and in a reasonable price we will be at the dawn oof a new technological era.

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