The Blockchain Vs The Board Room

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One of the most interesting aspects of the blockchain technology is that it could replace the board room. Instead of having a dozen men and women deciding what to do with a company, the blockchain will be able to do it.


Not only will we have autonomous cars in the future, but before that we are going to have more autonomous businesses. Companies that use the blockchain to set the rules for the company and let it grow and govern itself. 

Does it seem a little far fetched? Well the people at DistrctOx don't think so. They're working on it right now.

The first time I heard of Distrix0x of the Hunger Games, and that is kinda what they are doing without the brutality and killing of children. 

They are trying to make the Internet smaller and more manageable by creating districts that can have a certain set of governance and organization. This guy does a good job of explaining it.

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District0X is also working with another project that I really like and that is called Aragon. Aragon is actually the brains behind the governance of the districts. Here is some more info on Aragon.

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By using Aragon inside of the districts created by District0x, they will together form a technology that will be able to replace board rooms one day. Companies will still need smart people to help set up their governance with the blockchain, but the constant attention will not be needed. The daily decisions will not need to be made, that can all be done with the blockchain.

These are two coins that I really like moving forward because the are going to fulfill a giant need in the marketplace in the near future. If they can pull off what they claim and what they are building, then the business organizational flow charts that we've seen our whole lives are about to change. 

I'm still learning and by no means an expert. Please do your own research and don't invest in stuff just because you read it here or anywhere else. The Internet affords us the ability to learn on our own and cryptocurrency allows us to invest as we want on our own. All I'm saying is that I really like these two projects and feel they have a chance to change how business is done for a long time. Oh, and the Distric0x website is the coolest of all the crypto sites. At least it looks good. lol

Let me know what you think about these two projects and if they will help the blockchain overcome the boardroom. Share your thoughts in the comments below... let's talk.

Thanks for reading.

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I also like that two coins


Me too, I don't have much, but both have been great this past week. District especially in the last 24 hours.

Blockchain technology taking over the world.


Isn't that the truth! lol You got a new follower. Thanks for reading.

I watched both videos and I must say I am impressed. I will do a bit more research into these. I find it exciting and fascinating how the blockchain technology is evolving. Just a lot to get my head around.


Me too!

I agree Do your own research first!
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I am interested in this project

Banks, financial institutions, and other businesses are definitely implementing blockchain solutions. Not necessarily for crypto/money purposes, but for the power of a distributed ledger... think about the number of parties involved with you buying a car. You have the manufacturer, the dealer, the banks for loans, insurance companies, etc. Using blockchain technology features such as consensus and smart contracts, they'll be able to reduce risk/costs (by eliminating trusted third parties for coordination) and increase overall trust. What a time to be alive.

Wow - This would really take things to the next level! In my opinion blockchains won't truly decentralise the world unless the governance of the blockchain itself is decentralised as well... the possibilities are endless.

By the way @walkingkeys, I like the style of your post - it's really easy to read and understand. :)

i think blockchain