VRT world — who we are

in blockchain •  2 years ago


Hello World, We’re the team behind the VRtoken and we are building a first decentralized framework for creating and distribution of VR content based on blockchain technology. Our team has created a revolutionary VR technology. Now it is the time to develop a multifunctional VR ecosystem.

VR Token will open access to a platform that combines a market, community and innovative tools which will give an opportunity to create high-quality content very quickly. Developers will get access to our exclusive SDK and will be able to develop and implement any ideas in VR and monetize them.

Stay tuned for more information!

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I got the HTC Vive as soon as I tried it. I got into 3D tech in the 1980's with colored pencils and blue/red glasses. The tech has finally arrived! I'd love to be involved somehow. I do not have a bunch of time, but I am a huge VR enthusiast and pretty into cryptos!


Nice to hear! Follow us and be the first to receive the latest news about our project! ;)