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The gaming industry is so lucrative that it's profit margin is within the range of twelve figures. The amount of money spent on games keeps increasing from mobile games to console games, all generating a lot of patronage.

Blockchain was introduced into the gaming industry in order to assist in making gaming asset ownership a possibility. Bit.Game aims to be a platform where asset ownership and the transfer of those assets can be made possible.

Though there exist well grounded gaming options already available such as Enjin, the outstanding thing about is the team and advisors backing the project. These individuals have been able to face and tackle other project and come out successful, therefore the success of BGX is not difficult to visualize.

In addition to the great BGX team, the ability for gamers to own their data and also to experience unrestricted access to games is a plus for the platform users.

Let's say for instance that a game player has accumulated lots of assets while playing a particular game and the need to switch to another game arose, this will mean that they have to start all over again on the next game. BGX offers the possibility to take your assets with you even to the new game and utilize it there as well.


AIDEX: This feature of BGX means Artificial Intelligence Decentralized Exchange which will be used by Bit.Game to protect their users from liquidity issues on other platforms and also from listing processes that could be expensive.

CONTRIBUTION PROOF: Bit.Game operates with a consensus that will allow their members to participate in the reward program for all community members. Members who are BGX token holders will be able to adjust incentives obtained from the platform to suit the platform contributors according to their input.

MINING: Bit.Game will provide a software development kit which will be utilized by game developers to create the possibility of players mining BGX tokens as they play their games and also to conduct trades through the use of their game.

WALLET: BGX has come up with a unified wallet system where different game assets can be kept instead of managing plenty wallets at once. BGX has a development lab where this wallet will be designed and made available for the use of gamers.

REWARD SYSTEM: BGX has a system whereby a percentage of the mining pool will be used to cater for contribution payouts. About 30% from the mining pool will be used to settle the contributors.


Bit.Game is more than just a product, it is a movement geared towards making the gaming industry decentralized. With a lot of features, BGX will ensure that the gaming industry becomes democratized through a mining SDK for developers, artificial intelligence and many more features.

With the blockchain, the gaming industry will be made more beneficial to participants and BGX is the right product to do just that. Therefore, I think that anyone who desires to invest in any worthy project should consider BGX.

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