DAC Index or Investment Club With Collaborative Cooperative Distributed Rewarded Participants

in blockchain •  5 months ago 

Interest in a blockchain / cryptocurrency Index, investment club, other kind of DAC?



Users may voluntarily and independently participate in a variety of loose tasks. What kind of tasks may be of interest?


How to add value? What common goals or objectives to work towards in collaboration?


What internal (DAC) value may there be?

Have thought about this off and on since even before joining steem(it). Upon seeing more tools, possibilities, and desires would like to explore further. Also having a larger network of people which make up everything with compounded contributions. In steem and blockchain communities many people i have found and would love to create something together to share and grow value together.

Numerous platforms have DAC seeking capabilities and/or possibilities. Could be a lighter or deeper form of DAC initially. have helped and used some of these concepts in my travels and experiences.

Potential thought is of a blockchain/cryptocurrency index with input from members along with some form of math and possible AI working together to understand and follow and learn more about value possibilities together.

Also thought about some form of investment club rather than an index. Where numerous accounts interact in some form of shared goals / objectives using blockchain and information to work towards those goals together.

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Great idea 💡

Sounds interesting. :)

Lets do it!